Written by  :  Late (97)
Written on  :  Apr 09, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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A decent platform-game for Apogee-fans (really, it is!)

The Good

The graphics and sounds are typical EGA and beeper stuff - not particularly brilliant but good enough not to disturb the gameplay. The gameplay is the same as in Crystal Caverns: the controls are way better than in the first episodes of Commander Keen (no inertia here), and the levels are reasonably sized.

The Bad

It does get VERY frustrating at times, with moving platforms and monsters that require multiple shots to die. There are also levels where one mistake can render you unable to complete the level. This is all in keeping with the tradition of platform games, but after you've played Duke Nukem (thats Duke Nukem, not Duke Nukem II or 3D) this really does seem an "unfriendly" game. Then again, after you've played Super Mario on a Nintendo, your feelings might change. (All right, so I'm lousy at console games, there, I said it!)

The Bottom Line

If you like Crystal Caverns (and why shouldn't you), this might very well be an enjoyable game. I've completed it a couple of times and I never felt like throwing the machine about (unlike when I play Super Mario, but I'm digressing...) or cursing aloud (which I do a lot playing most anything). In short, its a nice little game with nice little graphics and very suitable for playing on your coffee-break.