Shadow Warrior Credits (DOS)

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Shadow Warrior Credits


DesignFrank Maddin, James Norwood
ProgrammingFrank Maddin, James Norwood
Graphics / 3D ProgrammingKen Silverman
Level / Scenario DesignStephen Cole, Randall S. Pitchford II, Eric Reuter, Keith Schuler, George Broussard, James Norwood
Libraries / UtilitiesKen Silverman
Graphics / ArtworkStephen A. Hornback, Chuck Jones, Brian Martel, James Norwood, Michael Wallin, Douglas R. Wood
MusicLee Jackson
SoundLee Jackson
DocumentationGeorge Broussard, Joe Siegler
Project ManagerGeorge Broussard
Voice Talent: Lo WangJohn Galt
Voice Talent: Anime GirlsLani Minella, Rose Schuler
Install, Technical HelpJoe Siegler
German TranslationMax Magenauer
Additional Thanks toAllen H. Blum III, Tony Kee, Rick Raymo, Joe Siegler, 3Dfx Interactive, Core Design for Lara, Naked girls everywhere, Pizza Hut, Skillman Wok, the 3D Realms Beta Testers

Level Design

1. Seppuku StationStephen Cole, Randall S. Pitchford II
2. Zilla Construction Stephen Cole
3. Master Leep's TempleKeith Schuler
4. Dark Woods of the SerpentKeith Schuler, Randall S. Pitchford II
5. Rising SonKeith Schuler
6. Killing FieldsStephen Cole
7. Hara‑Kiri HarborStephen Cole
8. Zilla's VillaStephen Cole
9. MonasteryStephen Cole
10. Raider of the Lost WangStephen Cole
11. Sumo Sky PalaceGeorge Broussard, Randall S. Pitchford II
12. Bath HouseKeith Schuler
13. Unfriendly SkiesKeith Schuler, James Norwood
14. Crude OilStephen Cole, Eric Reuter
15. Coolie MinesKeith Schuler, Eric Reuter
16. Subpen 7Stephen Cole, Eric Reuter
17. The Great EscapeKeith Schuler, Eric Reuter
18. Floating FortressKeith Schuler, James Norwood
19. Water TortureKeith Schuler
20. Stone RainKeith Schuler, James Norwood
21. Shanghai ShipwreckGeorge Broussard, Randall S. Pitchford II
22. Auto MaulKeith Schuler
23. Heavy Metal [DM]Stephen Cole
24. Ripper Valley [DM]Keith Schuler
25. House of Wang [DM]Keith Schuler
26. Lo Wang Rally [DM]Stephen Cole
27. Ruins of the Ronin [CTF]Stephen Cole
28. Killing Fields [CTF]Stephen Cole

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