ShadowCaster Credits (DOS)

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ShadowCaster Credits


DesignBrian Raffel, Steve Raffel
Lead ProgrammingSteven Coallier
ProgrammingVictor Breuggemann, Kurt Schallitz, Carl Stika
Additional ProgrammingBen Gokey, Rick Johnson, David Stidolph
Music / Sound ProgrammingJohn Miles
Graphics / ArtworkShane Gurno, Brian Pelletier, Scott Rice, James Sumwalt
Music Composition, Arrangements & ConversionsMarc Schaefgen
Digital Sound EffectsRandy Buck
Audio DirectionMarc Schaefgen, Randy Buck
Cover ArtDenis R. Loubet
PackagingJennifer Davis, Colin Dodson, Al Carnley
DocumentationAl Carnley, Melissa Tyler, Victor Penman, Colin Dodson
Documentation EditingMelissa Tyler
Documentation TranslationsAlpha CRC Ltd.
ProducerVictor Penman
Associate ProducerErin D. Roberts, Robert Zalot
Technical DirectorTim Brengle
SupportTimothy Moore, Michael Raymond-Judy, Wes Taylor
EA ScriptingWilliam S. Schmitt
PlaytestingMarshall Andrews, Keith Francart, Jeff Glazier, Tony Iuppa, Eric Newhouse, Rik Packham, Ken Rogers, Scott Shelton, Yun Shin, Steve M. Suhy, Brian Wachhaus
Quality AssuranceMarshall Andrews, Darin Henley, Rik Packham
Acting / VoiceoversKeith Kelly (as Narrator), John King (as Grandfather)

id Software

Engine ProgrammerJohn Carmack
Engine Tools ProgrammerJohn Romero

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