Shannara (DOS)

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Written by  :  Claire White (2)
Written on  :  Nov 04, 2004

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A game of two halves

The Good

Legend designed some excellent adventures. Unlike LucasArts and Sierra games, they were all (I think) written in the first person - so you don't see the character you are playing. Shannara, like the others, is a story well-told, with sound and graphics played from a CDROM. Its easier and more accessible than many adventure games, and a good introduction to the genre.

The Bad

The adventure-game component of this game, which makes up most of the game-play, can't be faulted. Unfortunately it is punctuated by top-down map travelling, which is badly implemented, and combat sequences that are even worse. The rest of the game is so good, that these bits are an unwelcome distraction. They prove that trying to mix genres in the same game is a risky design strategy (like mixing musical genres - folk-rock anyone?)

The Bottom Line

Not Legend's best, but then they did set very high standards. Despite its flaws, therefore, its still worth trying to get hold of.