Sid Meier Triple Game Pack Credits (DOS)

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Sid Meier Triple Game Pack Credits

Covert Action

Original Game DesignSid Meier, Bruce Campbell Shelley
Original IBM ProgrammingSid Meier
Original IBM Computer GraphicsBarbara D. Bents, Michael O. Haire, Michael Reis, Jackie Ross, Matt Scibilia
Research & DocumentationBruce Campbell Shelley, Lawrence Schick
Original IBM/Tandy Sound & Music ProgrammingKen Lagace, Jim McConkey, Scott Patterson
Original IBM Music CompositionJeffery L. Briggs
Manual Bruce Campbell Shelley
Direction and DesignIris Leigh Idokogi
Illustrations and LayoutSusan Ullrich
Character IllustrationsMichael Reis, Iris Leigh Idokogi
Chapter Head IllustrationsMichael Groton
Original Version Quality AssuranceAlan Roireau, Chris Taormino, Christopher Hromanik, Diane Baile, Quentin Chaney
Package DesignMark J. Ciola, John Emory, Juanita M. Bussard
PhotographyChris Armstrong


Game DesignSid Meier
Software GraphicsMichael O. Haire
Scenario Design & ManualArnold Hendrick
Software DevelopmentSid Meier
Quality AssuranceAlan Roireau
PlaytestingAlan Roireau, Bill Stealey, Philippe Leroy, Ed Bever, Lawrence Schick, Russ Cooney, Thomas Witter, Larry Martin, Stephen Byrne, John Stanoch, Dave Schaefer, Steven E. Meyer, CUM‑BACC User Group, BAYCUG User Group
Print Graphics DirectorMark J. Ciola
Cover & Map ArtRebecca Butcher
Manual Graphic DesignArnold Hendrick, Michael O. Haire
Manual IllustrationsMichael O. Haire

Railroad Tycoon

Original Game DesignSid Meier, Bruce Campbell Shelley
Original IBM ProgrammingSid Meier
Original IBM Computer GraphicsMax D. Remington III
Original IBM Sound & Music ProgrammingKen Lagace, Jim McConkey
Original IBM Music CompositionJeffery L. Briggs
Manual TextBruce Campbell Shelley
Direction & DesignIris Leigh Idokogi
Technical IllustrationsMichael Reis, George Gill, Iris Leigh Idokogi
Screen Shot IllustrationsCheryl Glover, Iris Leigh Idokogi
Pen & Ink IllustrationsMarcell E. Ciola, Diane Parameros, Michael Reis
LayoutIris Leigh Idokogi, Michael Reis
Original Version Quality AssuranceAlan Roireau, Russ Cooney, Chris Taormino
Additional PlaytestingArnold Hendrick, Jeffery L. Briggs, Bill Stealey
Package DesignMark J. Ciola, John Emory
Photography Props courtesy ofB&O Railroad Museum
Photography byDean Ray Studios

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Credits for this game were contributed by iShrek (3715)