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Building Settlements

When you want to create a settlement, keep in mind that they should, for maximum effect, these elements within the nine tile area:

  • One or preferably two forest tiles. Conifer and Mixed Forests produce the maximum lumber yield. However, if your lucky, you'll find a tile with a lumber bonus marked by a tree symbol. This creates the most yield of lumber.
  • One but better two sources of ore. The best are mountains and hills, but swamps and marshes will do.
  • If possible, only one connecting tile to the sea. Only for the first settlements though.
  • Do not build a settlement with a Indian settlement in one of its adjacent tiles. The neighbors will get nasty on you quick.

  • When you find the perfect location, you MUST plow the land where you will build the settlement. This may take longer, but it's worth it. If there is a forest or vegetation on the tile, you'll have to cut it down and then plow the tile. If you don't, you'll get less food for the tile each turn. This doesn't apply for tiles with bonuses such as 'game' (deer) though. You don't have to build roads on the tile, as they automatically appear when you build the colony.

    Keep an eye for neighbor European settlements. If you need colonists fast, a quick war with them would provide better and faster colonists in comparison to waiting for immigrants from Europe.

    Statesmen greatly increases liberty production bells. A town with high liberty bells gets a bonus in production, so it would be wise to maximize statesmen in a settlement.

    Founding Father's

    Some founding father's are better for the first time then others. Pocahontas keeps the Indians at bay, Brewster keeps quality immigrants on the rooster. But the best founding father to start with, which is a must at the first try (if your lucky) is Hernando de Soto. If you get him, you can send you scouts to the Rumor symbols. Hernando makes all rumor events positive, meaning you'll ALWAYS get something if you go the rumor symbol tile. If you don't get a Fountain of Youth or Treasure, you'd better off restore the game rather than waste a Rumor symbol.

    Other mandatory founding fathers are Adam Smith that will allow the building of Factories, which upgrade previous industry buildings and another bloke (forgot the name) that allows the building of Custom Houses. Custom Houses are awfully useful in trading, as they automatically sell the surplus goods of your choosing. Other founding fathers worth getting first are the ones that increase your liberty bell production. There is one founding father that treats all missionaries as expert missionaries, very useful in the beginning of the game.

    Trading, Goods and Taxes

    Trading with the locals is almost useless. The best partner in trade is of course with Europe until you get the custom house. Sooner or later, the King will rise the taxes. If you want to avoid tax keep in stock every type of goods in a settlement with sea access. When the King raises the taxes, you can refuse which will result in throwing a max of 100 tonnes of the mentioned goods in the sea (Boston Tea Party style). There is one founding father that will eliminate all boycotts when you get him so, might as well avoid those taxes.

    You don't need to buy horses, just put a couple in the settlement and watch them grow in numbers. The more the horses, the faster they'll grow. A stable greatly increases production.

    Ore tile bonuses will eventually run out, so you'll have to choose if you want to mine ore or silver.

    Indian Relations and the rest

    You can send missionaries to Indian settlements to increase friendship and convert Indians to join your colony. This is better done if you have a Jesuit Missionary. Don't send ordinary missionaries, it would be a waste of talent and the effect wouldn't be as great. A founding father treats all missionaries as expert missionaries, so unless you have Jesuit Missionaries in stock, best get that founding father first. It would best to reach as many Indian settlements you can, and destroy any European missionary in the way.

    One downside in the game is that if you take control of a European mission, it won't be an Expert mission when you get your Expert missionary there.

    The biggest let downs in the game is the stockade and its advancements. If you have an enemy town with a minimum stockade, you can't destroy the town no matter what you do. So if you want to organize a perfect area of settlements, be warned of growing European settlements. If you want to throw them back to the sea, best to destroy them before they reach the population of 3.

    If you find treasure, get your scout, dragoon or any other unit to travel with it until it reaches a settlement. Unless you have really really good relations with the locals, the natives can't be trusted, and may surprise attack your treasure unit.

    If there's any questions or comments, let me know. Enjoy.

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