ColonizationContributed by Martin Olsen (1) on Mar 04, 2005.

Once you have got hold of Benjamin Franklin, you should consider placing a scout next to a city belonging to each other foreign power. At the end of each turn, regardless of which atrocities that you may have committed, just walk in, talk to the mayor and make peace in our time. If enemy troops start trespassing your territory, you can strip them down over a few turns without them ever retaliating. Also, you can use a frigate to plunder foreign merchants with no penalty at all. Any foreign colonists in the open are also yours for the taking as well as any unprotected colonies. And the niftiest appliance: Once the Spanish start pounding away on the Aztec or Inca cities, keep a dragoon near the action and intercept the treasures before they make it to a Spanish harbor. They don't need that money in Madrid anyway.

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