Siege Credits (DOS)

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Siege Credits


Designed byAli N. Atabek, Larry Froistad, Patrick E. Hughes, James B. Thomas
Lead ProgrammerPatrick E. Hughes
Programmed byLarry Froistad, Patrick E. Hughes
Sound Routines James Fristrom
Computer GraphicsDan Burke, Steve Burke, Maureen Kringen, Maggie Parr, Anthony Postma, Mark Soderwall
Game Manual‑written byEdward Alexander Del Castillo, Edward Gaul, Richard Dean Johnson, Dan Riddle
Game Manual- prepared byJames B. Thomas
Game Manual - illustrations byDan Burke
Music Ali N. Atabek
Sound EffectsCem Engin
Castle DesignsSteve Burke (Castle Elissa & Highrock Fortress), Maureen Kringen (Fort Neir), Dan Burke (Usk'hem Gart)
Cover Illustration and Game LogoBruce Eagle
Scenarios designed byAli N. Atabek, Edward Alexander Del Castillo, Larry Froistad, Eddie Gaul, Patrick E. Hughes, Richard Dean Johnson, Dan Riddle
PlaytestingAli N. Atabek, Linda Duchaineau, Eddie Gaul, Richard Dean Johnson, Dennis Kucharczik, Russell Lee Marrash, Dan Riddle, Kyra Zandberg

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Credits for this game were contributed by Thomas MacDevitt (77)