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SimFarm (DOS)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

SimFarm Credits


ConceptEric Albers
DesignEric Albers
ProgrammingEric Albers
ProducerMichael Perry
Additional DesignMichael Perry
Computer Art DirectorJenny Martin
Computer ArtBonnie Borucki, Donna Steiner Buttlaire, Maureen Gilhooly, Susan Greene, Sharon Perry, Mary Schewe, Sharon Stambaugh
SoundEric Albers, Michael Perry
Sound ProgrammingBrian Conrad, John Miles
MusicSue Kasper
Technical DirectorBrian Conrad
Installer ProgrammingAndrei Snegov
Data ResearchKathleen Robinson
Something Somewhere SomewhenMitzi S. McGilvray
Manual Written ByTom Bentley
Real Farms Section BySteve Perrin
Manual EditingMichael Bremer, Debra Larson
Manual Design and LayoutKristine Brogno, Vera Jaye
Contributions to DocumentationMichael Perry, Kathleen Robinson
Package IllustrationLaura Raines Smith
Lead TesterDonjah Horat
QAAlan Barton, Manny Granillo, Roger Johnson, Chris Weiss
Tech SupportPeter Alau, Christopher Blackwell, Carter Lipscomb, Kevin O'Hare
Product ManagerLarry Lee
Public RelationsSally Vandershaf
ManufacturingVal Garcia, Kim Vincent
Thanks ToJeff Braun, Brian Conrad, Bob Derber, Joe Scirica, Jim Siefert, Andrei Snegov, Don Walters
Special Thanks ToCarla DeSantis, David DeSantis, Bill Dowdy, Richard Evans, Louise Ferguson, Tim Hartz, Tom Kearney, Tom Kerby, Steve Koffa, Kirk Larson, Warren Micke, Stacey R Roberts, Stephen Ronan, Stephen Ropel

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Credits for this game were contributed by Julian McKenzie (159)