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SimFarm (DOS)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.
Written by  :  Stephen Krueger (1)
Written on  :  May 13, 2005
Platform  :  DOS

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The Original and Best!

The Good

This game has always and will always be the best farming simulation. Granted it's a very slow game, but farming is a slow process. The advanced (for it's time) features of crop cycling and reseeding were flawless, and added a complexity to the game that I really enjoyed. Many say this game is boring, but those are people that are stuck on Halo or the newest add-on to the Sims.

The Bad

Not much I can say that I didn't like. Music was kind of poor even for it's time. Other than that I love it and always will.

The Bottom Line

A time consuming game of farming fun, a blend of rural life with SimCity.