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SimHealth (DOS)

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Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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SimHealth Credits


DirectorJohn Hiles
Markle Foundation ContributorsLloyd N. Morrisett, Edith C. Bjornson, Catharine Clark
Program ManagerBruce Skidmore
Lead EngineerRichard Rosenbaum
EngineeringBruce Skidmore, Greg Rossi, Randy Jones, Frank Holsworth
Whiteboard Development SystemGreg Rossi
DesignGreg Wolfson, John Hiles
Art DirectorJenny Martin
ArtistsKelli Jayne Pearson, Barbara Pollak, Wendy Wibbens, Susan Greene
Title Screen MuralBruce Ariss
Help Text and ToursMichael Bremer
Sound and MusicBrian Conrad, Randy Jones, Don Walters
Value Compass ConceptJames O'Toole
Photograph of Jefferson MemorialRoberto Vallardares
Manual Writing, Design and LayoutMichael Bremer
Manual EditingDebra Larson
Contributions to the ManualRichard Rosenbaum, Greg Wolfson, John Hiles
Package DesignVera Jaye, Kristine Brogno, Jamie Davison Design
Installation ProgramAndrei Snegov, Randy Jones, Michael Perry
ProducerMichael Perry
Customer Support ManagerSteve Abrew
Technical SupportRoger Johnson, Kirk Lesser, Aaron Shephard, Owen Nelson, Chris Charman, Jeffrey J. Feil
Product ManagersAnthony Dunaif (Markle), Michael Kretchmar (Maxis), Julia Hing (Maxis)
Public RelationsOwen Comora Associates, Lois Tilles (Maxis)
ManufacturingVal Garcia, Kim Vincent
Advisory PanelMark Benerofe, Lewis W. Bernard, Edith C. Bjornson, Christopher Cerf, Catharine Clark, Michael Collins (Dr.), Owen Comora, Steven Farkas, Jean Johnson, John Lane, Steven Long (Dr.), Susan Marquis (Dr.), Lloyd N. Morrisett, Donald Seldin (Dr.), Robert Stein, Deborah Wadsworth, Andrew G. Wallace (Dr.)
AcknowledgementsKenneth Anderson, Ned Asam, Dan Beauchamp (Dr.), Robert Huefner, John Immerwahr, Richard Miles, Joe Viar
Special Thanks ToRobert J. Rubin, Paul J. Feldstein, Charlie Firestone, Aspen Institute

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