SimLife Credits (DOS)

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SimLife Credits


Original Concept and DesignKen Karakotsios
Design AssistanceJustin McCormick, Will Wright
Macintosh ProgrammingKen Karakotsios, Justin McCormick
DOS ProgrammingDaniel Goldman, Rodney Lai
Windows ProgrammingDaniel Goldman, Rodney Lai
Project ManagerJim Siefert
Art DirectorJenny Martin
Graphics / ArtworkBonnie Borucki
Additional Graphics / ArtworkKelli Jayne Pearson, Mary Schewe
SoundRussell Lieblich
Sound ProgrammingSteve Hales
DocumentationMichael Bremer
Editing, Additional DocumentationTom Bentley
Documentation Design and LayoutVera Jaye
ComicsJohn Hastings
Contributions to DocumentationJames Purple Hampton, Ken Karakotsios, Kathleen Robinson, Jim Siefert, Chris Weiss
PackagingJamie Davison (Davison Brunelle Design), Cynthia Occhipinti (Davison Brunelle Design)
Cover DesignFrank Ordaz
Quality AssurancePeter Alau, Alan Barton, Manny Granillo, James Purple Hampton, Carter Lipscomb, Chris Weiss
Tech SupportPeter Alau, Donjah Horat, Carter Lipscomb, Scooter O'Hare
Marketing / PRLarry Lee, Sally Vandershaf
PlaytestingLucia , Steve Buchman, Kevin Kelly, Lucinda Ray, Jay Rickard, Robert Schmeider
Special Thanks ToLucia , Amy Bayersdorfer, Jeff Braun, Steve Buchman, Craig Fryar, Robin Harper, SantaFe Institute, William Janeway, David Johnson, Steve Levy, Sea Monkeys, Rudy Rucker, Joe Scirica, Will Wright
Inspirational Thanks ToChris Langston, Richard Dawkins (Dr.)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rodney Lai (537) and Jeanne (76644)