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Back of Box - Windows (Classic Collection Edition):
    Just when he thought his life was regaining some semblance of normality, Simon's wonder years are once again turned upside down when the evil wizard Sordid returns from the grave with only one thing on his mind - revenge!

    Journey through this sequel to the best selling Simon the Sorcerer, as he manages once more to get struck in a land of twisted fairytales, recycled gags and carbon dated clich├ęs!

    With a cast of thousands (mostly woodworm) and enough Swampy Stew to keep an underprivileged country sick for a year, this classic adventure will keep you well entertained until we manage to make another sequel.

    Contributed by calavera (3) on Jan 16, 2005.

Unknown Source:
    This isn't just any old 'Child in fantasyland' story. For starters, no other kids have to put up with useless old wizards, unattractive heroines, baddies that simply don't know when to stay dead and being the last one in school to discover puberty. Armed with a pointy hat (stupid looking), a pony tail (even more stupid looking) and a tendancy to irritate people twice his size, Simon returns in this action packed sequel which promises to be more entertaining, amusing and fun than any other adventure of it's type (allegedly).

    It's amazing the sort of rubbish you can read on these internet sites isn't it. So stop hanging around looking blankly at your monitor, like a total anorak, reading this, buy the game! Who knows, you might even enjoy it.

    Contributed by Swordmaster (145) on Jun 30, 2000.