Simon the Sorcerer II: The Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe Credits


Written bySimon Woodroffe
Designed bySimon Woodroffe
Produced and Observed byMichael Woodroffe
Programming and Coding byAlan Bridgman
Additional Programming bySimon Woodroffe
Graphics byChris Downes, Michael Woodroffe, Matt Gardom
Artwork byPaul Drummond, Jef Wall, Steven Rutherford, Kevin Preston, Graham Stead, Maria Drummond
Cover Artwork byJef Wall
Art Advise byJef Wall
Music byDavid R. Punshon
Digitalized Sound Effects byMichael Woodroffe
Manual bySimon Woodroffe
Manual Design and Typeset byLaurence H. Miller
Producton Assistance byTricia Woodroffe
Adventure Soft Letters throughTricia, Sheila
Playtests bySylvia Parry, Jonathan Woodroffe ('Crystal Religion'), Alix West, Matt Gardom
Additional Playtests byAlmost everyone else
TALKIE voices byTony Dillon, Patrick Kelly
Character VoicesBrian Bowles (Simon), Roger Blake (Calypso / Sordid / Runt)
Additional Voice Parts byJay Benedict, Douglas Blackwell, Julia Brams, Rupert Degas, Tony Dillon, Paul Mark Elliot, Jonell Elliot, Jon Haines, Constance Lamb, Martin T. Sherman, William Vanderpuye (as William Vanderpoye)
German Project Management byRalf C. Adam (Sunflowers)
German Translation also byRalf C. Adam
German Voice Recording Management also byRalf C. Adam
German Manual again byRalf C. Adam
German Marketing byAndreas Lotz
German Voice Recordings atBasement Audio Studios Frankfurt/Main
Lead Recording EngineerMichael Simrock
Assistant Recording EngineersWolfgang Zarges, Parviz Mir Ali
Voices (German)Erik Borner, Peter Wenke, Nick Benjamin, Hans-Jörg Karrenbrock, Peter Bauer, Elke Schützhold, Barbara Bauch, Diana Komianos, Silke Mühl, Matthias Keller, Martin Beer, Aart Vedder, Marco Schmitz, Armin Hauser
Minor Parts (German)Michael Simrock, Ralf C. Adam, Wolfgang Zarges, Harry Dehnhardt, Alexander Röder, Sonja Langhammer

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