Simon the Sorcerer Credits


DesignSimon Woodroffe
ProgrammingAlan Bridgman, Michael Woodroffe
Graphics / ArtworkMaria Drummond, Paul Drummond, Karen Pinchin, Kevin Preston, Jef Wall
MusicMedia Sorcery
PlaytestingRick Baumgartner, Ingrid de Beus, Ethelred Garcia, Abraham Heward, Ben Kishaba, Jacques LeMaire, Sylvia Parry, Doug Pearson, Dustin Sorenson, David R. Tulo Jr., Alix West, David White, Jonathan Woodroffe, Sung-Hoon Yoo
Written bySimon Woodroffe
Produced byAlan Bridgman, Michael Woodroffe
Infocom ProducersLarry Galka, Josh Resnick
Cover Illustration byDavid McMacken
Simon Animations byKevin Preston
Music byAdam Gilmore
Assistant ProducerTricia Woodroffe
Documentation ManagerMichael Rivera
Manual Written byVeronica Milito
Packaging byJonathan Brown
Director of Quality AssuranceJon Doellstedt
Character VoicesChris Barrie (Simon), Roger Blake (Druid / Owl / Sordid / Calypso / Host), Paul Codish (Dodgy Geezer / Chippy / Goblin Guard / Woodworm 1 and 3), Tony Dillon (Goat / Dwarf Guard 1 / Woodworm 2 / Goblin Chief / Head 1 Shopkeeper / Wizard 1 / Drunk Dwarf / Sparky the Teleporter / Tree / Mirror), Brett Gordon (Goblin 1 / Dwarf Assayer / Treasury Dwarf), Dee Graham (Barman / Gerald / Golum), Jon Haines (Woodcutter / Swampling / Oaf / Head 2 Shopkeeper / Wizard 3 / Singing Dwarf / Max), Rena Kaye (Female Warrior 1 and 2 / Witch / Repulsar), Steve Keen (Guard 2 / Foreman Dwarf), Patrick Kelly (Troll / Wizard 2 / Dragon / Attendant)

German Version

Translation (Screen Texts)Ralf C. Adam, Jan Thomas, Clemens Wangerin, Christoff Gräber
Translation (Manual)Guido Tommasone
Technical ProcessingBasement Audio Tonstudio GmbH [Frankfurt]
Audio EngineersWolfang Zarges, Parviz Mir Ali
Audio Assistants & CutDirk Busshart, Michael Simrock
Recording DirectorSilke Mühl
ProducerAndreas Lotz
Assistant ProducersRalf C. Adam, Clemens Wangerin
Character VoicesErik Borner, Nick Benjamin, Peter Bauer, Hans-Jörg Karrenbrock, Elke Schützhold, Peter Wenke, Ralf C. Adam, Clemens Wangerin, Michael Simrock, Silke Mühl

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (199905), IJan (1999) and Belboz (6579)