Written by  :  NatsFan (141)
Written on  :  Aug 08, 2007
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars

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Funny and fun!

The Good

I've noticed that among the other reviews here, there is a lot of comparing of this game to LucasArts. While this would come naturally, seeing as the style is very similar, it's unfair. This is a good game, and it doesn't need to be put down by the fact that it isn't as good as Monkey Island.

Now for the review...

The first and foremost high point of this game was the humor. It's very British, and very funny. I got a real kick out of the frequent soliloquies, my personal favorite was: "I wish this was happening to you instead of me." That brings me to my second point, Simon's personality. Adventuresoft really succeeded in creating a character who has just enough attitude to be exceedingly entertaining without being completely obnoxious (which I heard Simon becomes in the sequel...)

Another high point was the graphics. To put it shortly, they were magnificent. I usually don't like "filler" scenes in forests or mountains, but I made an exception with Simon simply because they were so nice to look at. The characters (for the most part) were also well drawn, especially Simon. The music was good too, and went really well with the awesome graphics. Speaking of sound, the voice acting was fantastic.

The last good thing I can think of is the puzzles. The majority of them were very clever, and they were easy enough to be beatable after a good bit of thinking.

The Bad

Like next to all games, this one has some flaws, the most notable is the fact that the plot doesn't seem to develop or move along until you complete a mother-load of side quests and seemingly pointless puzzles. I frequently had to remind myself of my actual goal.

Another thing that really irked me was the way the characters spoke. The blacksmith could have been a very experienced ventriloquist using an invisible dummy. To put it in a less obscure way, many of the characters mouth motions seemed either awkward or nonexistent.

The Bottom Line

Great fun, and well worth the £9.99 that Adventuresoft sells it for (approx $20 for all you Americans out there.)

One little comment that I couldn't decide whether was good or bad. The ending was...weird. It was more of a lack of an ending, but it was very clever all the same.

But, despite some minor flaws, this game is worthwhile. I'd recommend this game to anyone who likes British humor and LucasArts games. This is an adventure that's not to be missed out on!