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Skate or Die (DOS)

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Skate or Die! was Electronic Arts' first in-house game, i.e. the first developed by full-time employees. All prior EA titles had been done by independent contractors.

Contributed by Terok Nor (17840) on May 05, 2009. -- edit trivia

The manual for the Spectrum version states:

"There is no abort key on the Spectrum version of Skate or Die due to the ease of simulating the same key value from other input devices, this removes the chance of accidentally aborting the game."

Leaving aside the woeful grammar, this isn't very good design. Although most Spectrum joysticks did map to certain keys, it was easy to choose which ones these were.

Contributed by Martin Smith (63198) on Sep 25, 2006. -- edit trivia

Not sure about the PC version but on the C64 version if you could skate through steel wire fences, only to fall into little pieces a moment later.

Contributed by Joshua Dove (5) on May 16, 2001. -- edit trivia

"Rodney" of Rodney's Skate Shop is an obvious, blatant reference to Rodney Dangerfield. It's funny just how much they ripped off his image.

This game is commonly confused with the Atari coin-op "720 degrees", which is a different game. The confusion stems from the spoken "Skate or die!" yelled in the coin-op.

Crazy Credits: "If you like Skate or Die, drop us a line and we'll see that the nurses read it to (the developers)."

Contributed by Trixter (8743) on Mar 01, 1999. -- edit trivia