Skaut Kwatermaster Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (showing alternate title)
Rustic beginning
The map allows for quick travel between locations
Inside the shed
Bus stop
Meeting the locals
Is that a still?
Patrons of a local bar
The shop may be small, but it even sells ...the very game you're playing now!
Entrance to military base
"A scout knows how to bee-hive in the forest"
Rusty tank with Girl Guide trapped inside
Scout tent
Inside the mausoleum
Castle entrance
Inside the castle
At the lake
"Gone fishing"
Excavator's operator on duty
Bees in the middle of the forest
Game grafician headquarter
Polo Cocta machine and latrine
Berries in the forest
Gun store room
Blackboard with subtitles in Morse alphabet
Inside the church
Church entrance
In front of the bar and shop
Scout camp
Camp gate
Entrance to the cemetery
Castle main hall