SkyNET Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

The first mission briefing.
Technical data on enemy vehicles
Your crackerjack, FMV briefing cast.
In game action
Surveying the scene in the new 640x480 resolution.
Driving levels return.
Some impressive new indoor textures.
Entering the Cyberdyne building is the first step to completing mission 3. It seems like a bomb exploded at the entrance, so entering by the front is not possible. Maybe there is a way to the roof.
Hmmm, seems like there is indeed a walkway around those buildings. Worth investigating. There are some items (health) to pick up on the way. Good jumping skill is important here.
Hu ho, I guess this is too far away to reach with a jump. But there seems to be indeed a roof access over there. What could I do? Let's look around.
This pole seems rather weak. Why don't I shoot its base? This is a FPS after all. On the left of the screen you can see an armor pick up.
Good. Now I have a way to reach the roof with a jump. Since it is a high jump it will hurt a bit however, so better be sure to have enough energy before jumping.
Ok, I have entered the building. There are several items pick ups around, notably to recover from the previous jump. The crates can be destroyed to reveal some items.
A SkyNet control room.
Another example of level interaction. Here is a gas station. Shoot one of the gas pumps and...
...Kaboom, you get a big explosion and everything in the area is destroyed. Use this to trap difficult enemies and above all, avoid to shoot a gas pump by mistake when you are near a station.
Because of Judgement Day some areas are now radioactive. Near one of these, you start to lose health, the radiation indicator turns yellow and the screen red.
One mission will have you fly a Hunter/Killer (adapted for human piloting). Like the Jeep, the H/K can fire missiles and has a laser cannon that will automatically recharge when you don't fire it.
When piloting the Hunter/Killer, you will have to negotiate different areas, like this canyon. A good place for some enemy Hunter/Killer Scouts to ambush you.
Apparently, the Bethesda building will be one of those which will survive Judgment Day. As you can see, the laser rifle is equipped with a telescopic sight.
The rocket launcher can be fired in either a straight shot or into a homing shot if you take a brief moment to lock it onto a target. Hold the Run key when firing to see what the missile camera sees.
By pressing F6 you can switch to a mini-HUD, on which only the most important elements are displayed, granting you a larger field of view. Easter egg: keep shooting at the moon and it will set down.
Multiplayer set up screen. Select your character (including skinned Terminators), the map, day or night time, the objective (score, number of kills...), the amount of pick-ups and vehicles...
Many buildings can be optionally entered. Apparently, SkyNET think that a night club is such a strategic location for the Humans that it needs to be guarded by Terminators.
The Tech Noir night club contains an easter egg. Go to the turntables, press the 'activate' key and some disco dancers will appear! Apparently they don't mind the corpses lying on the ground.
Here you want to get inside the area blocked by this energy fence. To do so, you need to plant a satchel charge near the fence generator and get to safety before it detonates.
Here is the final objective: pressing the button behind the energy barriers. To do that you need the press the correct switches among the 12 in the room (each one removes or/and add some barriers).
Primitive-looking Terminators, like the one seen here, are the backbone of SkyNET's army. Don't be fooled by them being a basic combat chassis, they can be nasty enough.
This is a Hunter/Killer Bomber. It will try to circle above you while dropping small bombs (grenades actually). Take cover or get away if you want to avoid a quick death.
Enemies are a threat even when they die because their debris are physical objects that can hurt you. This is especially true with flying enemies whose debris often fall upon you.
Although its base is fixed, a turret can rotate to keep shooting at you. You can try and shoot it but a well placed molotov (thrown with secondary fire) can solve the issue quickly.
Thanks to its treads, the Light Tank is a very swift enemy. Its shots can be difficult to avoid since it can fire from both its plasma cannon and rocket launchers.
Eeek! True to their name, two Hunter/Killers are chasing me. In such a case, you'd better not turn your back to them but rather walk backwards while shooting them.
The Spiderbot, thanks to its mechanical legs, has an excellent mobility on uneven grounds and can walk over some obstacles that other enemies have to skirt round.
Like a regular Terminator, a Terminator series T-600, carries a "hitscan" (meaning it hits the player instantly) machine gun but is covered with a synthetic latex skin.
You only meet Goliaths near the end of the game. And given their size, heavy armor and weaponry, you will probably be happy that SkyNET did not deploy them before.
This Flencer wants a piece of you. Literally! Although equipped with a weak laser, its favorite tactics is to rush on you and mince you with its forward blades (check the blood on those).
This control room is not only defended by regular enemies, but also by rocket turrets (check the particle effects of a fired rocket). Some rooms also have plasma turrets.
During the last mission, you will encounter flying versions of the Light Tank. More silent than the ground-based one, they can easily surprise you by attacking, unnoticed, from behind.