Written by  :  Sean O'Sullivan (3)
Written on  :  Jun 08, 2002
Platform  :  DOS

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Slipstream 5000 - Has to be the best game fo the year!

The Good

10 Pilots and tracks to choose from Cleverly designed tracks with excellent, smooth graphics for a game released at this time. The game reacts precisely, with smooth control over the craft. Many options available to upgrade your craft with turbo systems, weapons and more

The Bad

The graphics could be a little better, blocky in places There could be a few more tracks and it could be a little more difficult. In one hour i had finished the game in championship and unlocked all tracks

The Bottom Line

This game is absolutely brilliant. This game has 10 crafts, 10 pilots and loads of cleverly and carefully designed tracks. There really is not much bad to say about this. Overall i would tell you to go out and buy this or download it! Brilliant!