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Back of Box - DOS (US):

    Joyous games that blend laughter & learning

    At the touch of a key, CHARLIE BROWN, SNOOPY, WOODSTOCK and the PEANUTS gang come to life in joyous animation and vibrant colors.
    Now your child can interact with the most beloved comic strip characters in the world in three fun-packed games.
    Each game has a different challenge to stimulate forming minds and enhance observation skills and memory. And "The Talking Alphabet" makes learning the ABC's a special joy.
    SNOOPY'S Game Club is a magical world of laughter and learning you'll love sharing with your child.

    Fun Features That Also Stimulate Young Minds
    • Multiple challenge levels for kids 3 to 8.
    • Funny sound effects and digitized speech add audio excitement.
    • Each letter speaks it's own name to familiarize children with the alphabet.
    • Multiple puzzles with 4 to 64 different pieces enhance problem solving and observation skills.

    Your child will have hours of fun playing with SNOOPY and his friends.

    SNOOPY'S Animated Puzzles.
    Features continually animated puzzles.

    The top is on the bottom and the bottom is on top!
    Little eyes get big as kids scramble and un-scramble animated pictures of their favorite PEANUTS characters. 4 to 64 pieces make this game sometimes easy, sometimes challenging, and always fun.

    CHARLIE BROWN'S Picture Pairs.
    Include "The Talking Alphabet."

    Look here, look there, look in every square!
    From large animated PEANUTS characters to the lowercase "Talking Alphabet", this classic game includes 9 decks of cards and never plays the same way twice. Two can share the game - or your child can even play with one of the PEANUTS gang.

    WOODSTOCK'S Look-Alikes.
    A matching game with a twist!

    Only two are just the same, find them and you solve the game!
    Sound easy? Just wait! There are over 100 combinations of matches possible. Some have obvious differences - but many vary in very subtle ways. Eliminate the pictures that are different to find the Look-Alikes.

    Animated scenes reward your child's good work.

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