Space Quest 6: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier Credits


DesignJosh Mandel, Scott Murphy
Lead ProgrammingSteve Conrad
ProgrammingOliver Brelsford, Sterling Butts, Arijit De, Michael Lytton, William Shockley
Graphics / ArtworkMichael Hutchison, Karin Nestor, Frances Anne Powell, John Shroades, Barry Sundt, Christopher Willis, Deanna Yhalkee
MusicDan Kehler
Music ComposersNeal Grandstaff, Dan Kehler
SoundJon Meek, Kelli Spurgeon, Richard Spurgeon
Art DirectorMichael Hutchison, John Shroades
DocumentationLori Lucia, Leslie Balfour
ProducerOliver Brelsford
Writing / Dialogue / StoryJosh Mandel, Scott Murphy
Quality AssuranceJon Meek
Additional AnimationsChristopher Willis, Jason Piel, Alberto Eufrasio, Jason Zayas
System DevelopmentLarry Scott, Ed Critchlow, Dan Foy, Ken Koch, Terry McHenry, Christopher Tudor-Smith, Greg Tomko-Pavia, Mark Wilden
Configuration TestersMichael D. Jones, Sharon Simmons, John Trauger, John Ratcliffe, Lynne S. Dayton
Voice Talent selection, Voice Direction, Voice RecordingLa Marque Rose
Acting / VoiceoversCarol Bach-y-Rita, Lucille Bliss, Doug Boyd, Tom Chantler, Denny Delk, William Hall Jr., Roger Labon Jackson, Charles Martinet, Jarion Monroe, Gary Owens, Joe Paulino
Voice AuditorsTaylor Korobow
Voices recorded atFantasy Studios, Wave Studios, Russian Hill Recording
Voice DirectionScott Murphy, Taylor Korobow
German LocalisationOliver Kluge, Hubert Grundner, Robert Böck
Special Thanks ToDarlou Gams, Lori Lucia, J. Mark Hood, Leslie Balfour, Cyndi Wharton
NarratorLa Marque Rose

Popular Janitronics Magazine

Magazine EditorLeslie Balfour
Magazine DesignLori Lucia
Magazine ContributorsJosh Mandel, Scott Murphy, Leslie Balfour

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Credits for this game were contributed by Benjamin Tucker (299), formercontrib (159537) and Trixter (9126)