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In Space Quest VI, Roger Wilco gets tried for his crimes that he committed in the last episode and found guilty, and is demoted to janitor serving the SCS Deepship 86. There, he learns that Command Kielbasa, his captain, gives the entire crew some well-earned shore leave on Polysorbate LX. Roger joins the rest of the crew. When Roger tells the transporter robot to beam him down to the surface, a malfunction causes him to be stuck in the pavement.

Note: Users who have a fast computer, take note: SQ6 uses Sierra's advanced SCI interpreter known as SCI32, but this doesn't stop the problems that are caused by the CPU timer. This makes it impossible to get through some areas in the game. Examples include speaking to the endodroid hunter, and inserting the datacard in the Compost in the Deepship 86's sickbay. To avoid these problems, switch off the L2 cache in your BIOS, or if you haven't got this option, look at New Rising Sun's website which includes a patch for SQ6, as well as patches for other Sierra games.

Wait for the humanoid robot to appear. Just as he passes you, use the Hand cursor on it. Roger will grab hold of the robot, which lifts Roger out. Once you're out, look at the bike chained to the light post. There is an ID card on the bike. Take it. Now walk around Polysorbate LX until you find a photo booth. You got a few buckazoids in your pockets, so insert one into the slot in the booth. Roger will automatically enter the booth and he will have his photo of him. Unfortunately, it turns out distorted. An alien enters the booth, but the booth eats him and runs away. In pockets, use Roger's photo with the ID to produce a fake ID. Leave pockets and explore the area until you find the arcade.

Enter the arcade. There is a big alien leaning against the Stooge Fighter III machine. Talk to him. He will introduce himself as Djurkwad and offers you a challenge. Accept it and you will play the game against him. The machine consists of three buttons. To the left of these buttons is a joystick used to control your direction. You also see a green monster eating cigarettes on the far left. You start the game by selecting one of three characters, Big Mo, Curly Joe, or Lar-Man. As with any other fighting game, the object is to drain your opponent's energy. Read the instructions on screen to learn how to play. At the moment, you will lose regardless of how many matches you play against Djurkwad. Don't worry, someone will help you find a way to beat him. After you lose, Djurkwad makes fun of you, and asks if you want to play again. Say that you will play later and leave the arcade.

Go inside “Orion's Belt” and walk to the right. Stand on the elevator platform to get to a higher level. Show your ID to the people in the booth. The name on the ID frightens them off. Take the hoses they were sniffing from off the tank. In your pockets, click the Hand cursor on the hoses to untangle them. Stop looking at your pockets and move the tank of nitros that the hoses were connected to. Click on the only open-ended conduit in the corner of the room. It is near the ground. (If the robo-waitress is wiping the middle table, you won't see the conduit. Just wait for her to move on.)

Note: You can steal a few buckazoids off the robo-waitress's tray while she is wiping tables. If you fail to get some and she gives you a good talking to, just keep trying. You can get a maximum of about 20 buckazoids. If you try to get more than that, the game won't let you.

Return to the lower level and leave “Orion's Belt”. Wander around the area until you find a guy in the trench coat. Talk to him twice. The first time he is about to ask you for something, but changes his mind. The second time he tells you that he is an agent that tracks endodroids, and he wants you to track down one that has harassed the good person and he will cut you a deal. Return to “Orion's Belt” and go all the way right until you get to a locked door. Click the Feet or Hands cursor on the door to knock it open several times to enter the bar's basement.

There, you will see an endodroid who threatens to turn you inside out (“You go now and I don't rearrange your organs”). What a nice way to say hello. Get the metal bar off the ground and leave the basement. Go up to the bar and show the bartender your ID. Order a special to get his busy for a while. Go behind the bar and open the refrigerator. Get the ice cube tray from inside. Now test all four conduits with valves on them. Three of them squirt water at you, but one does not. Click the Hands cursor directly underneath this valve to break it off, then take the hookie hose from your pockets and click it on the open conduit to the far left of the bar. Wait for the bartender to finish your drink, then click the Hands cursor on the hookie hose to make Roger pick it up. Now connect the hose onto the end of the conduit you broke off.

The following tasks must be done quickly. Go upstairs and click the Hands icon on the tank of nitro that was move earlier. Roger will open the valve. Go back downstairs and enter the basement. (If you take too long here, the bartender will disconnect the hoses.) In the basement, you see the endrodroid frozen in the liquid nitrogen. Knock him out with the metal bar. (If you take long to do this, the endodroid will be defrosted and he will kill you.) He will be scattered on the floor in cubes. Sweep him up with the dustpan and put the cubes in the ice cube tray. Go back to bar and ask the bartender for another special. While he's busy, go behind the bar again, open the refridgerator and place the ice cubes in it. Close the refrigerator. Take him back out and you now have a well-frozen endrodroid. Leave “Orion's Belt”.

When you leave, the endodroid hunter will be leaning against a light-post. Go talk to him. He promised that he'd cut you a deal, so he gives you 50 buckazoids and leaves a happy man. Go around the area until you bump into your good friend, Elmo Pug. He has changed since you last saw him. One minute he is head of ScumSoft Corporation. The next he turns up on Polysorbate LX as a fat drunk. Go talk to him. Roger will ask if there is anyway to beat Stooge Fighter III. Elmo agrees to give Roger one of his cheat sheets if Roger gives him a bottle of liquor in return. That sounds like a good deal.

Once you made the deal, return to your starting point and enter the liquor store. Sitting behind the counter with the protective glass is Pa Conshohocken, who is at your service. Talk to Pa and give him some buckazoids to buy the expensive liquor called Coldsorian Brandy. Go back outside to see Elmo laying in a drunken stupor. (Boy, he is drunk.) Give him the brandy and you will receive the Stooge Fighter III cheat sheet. In your pockets, look at the sheet and write down the letters on it. As you know, these represent the buttons on the SF3 arcade machine that must be entered in order to activate the cheat function.

Return to the arcade and offer Djurkwad another challenge. The stakes are high this time: $300 or Roger's life. (You better not lose another game, Roger.) When the character selection screen appears, do not select a character. Instead, enter the button combination to activate the game's cheat mode. A new attack button appears in the middle of the SF3 machine. Now you can select a character, then begin the game. During the game, all you have to do to win is get close to your opponent and repeatedly hit the new attack button without stopping. You will win. When the game is over, Djurkwad gets pissed off and gives you $300.

Search the area until you get to the inn with a hooker standing near the entrance. Enter the inn. Two aliens are sitting in the lounge and a television set near the ceiling shows advertisements. An obese green alien gets into the elevator to go up to his room. Give the buckazoids to the manager behind the desk and Roger will sign in. Push the call button on the elevator. When you get up to the hallway, look at the key in your pockets to find out your room number. Use the key on the door to unlock it and go in. Just before you do, however, Roger gets kidnapped by the two aliens that were sitting in the lounge, Nigel and Singent, and taken to their apartment.

Roger appears on the floor with Singent sitting at his computer to make sure that there will be no trouble. First, try to get the key off the nail pinned to the wall. Roger will fail this, and Singent will get the key off the floor. Get the nail that that the key was hanging on, and use it to pick the lock on the handcuffs. When you are released from the handcuffs, pull at the Pelvis poster on the wall until it comes off. Set the poster down on the floor behind Singent. Now click the Hands cursor on it and Roger will begin to dance. He will be full of static. When Roger is done dancing, touch the connector plug on the back of the Singent's head and the alien will have his brain toast.

Well, that's one kidnapper Roger dealt with. Look through the compact discs on the table until you find one that Roger takes. Use the computer on the desk, insert the CD into the drive, and press the Power button to turn it on. You can read the information that appears if you want. When you are done with that, turn the computer off and get the moddie off of the humidifier. Get the datacorder off the table, then in your pockets, click the Hands cursor on it to bring a close-up view of the datacorder. Push the Open button and pull everything out of the datacorder and place them on either black area.

Now you need to re-program the datacorder so that it acts like a homing beacon. There are five slots in the datacorder (labeled A-E). In each slot, there is a plate in each slot, and on there are chips on each one of these. These chips are labeled Spentium (SPN), Dentium (DEN), Fermentium, (FER) Repentium (REP), and Dimentium (DIM). Each one of these chips has a plate attached to it. The chips on each plate can be removed, and each chip and plate are hooked into a sensor array which is assigned an IRK number. Use the configuration below to re-configure it.

Slot - Plate - Chip - IRK

A – RF – SPN – 9
B – TT – DEN – 7
C – PS – FER – 1
D – FC – REP – 5
E – SE – DIM – 3

If you have done everything right, the LCD display on the datacorder should read “Homing Beacon” when you turn it on. With that done, get the keycard off the dead kidnapper and use it on the lock by the door. You arrive in a room with a door that leads outside with a pad to the left. Nigel is blocking the exit. Search the boxes on the ground until Roger picks out another moddie. Go into your pockets and click the Hands icon on the moddie labeled “Churlish” to remove the label, then put the “Churlish” moddie onto the moddie named “Burlesque”. Give the relabeled moddie to Nigel. Nigel will start to dance, and then remove his clothes, leaving just his underpants. (If you're disappointed that he didn't even take this off, just remember, SQ6 is a family game.)

After the dance, get his belt. In your pockets, search it to find a dampening field remote and push the button on it. Now go outside and use the homing beacon. A ship touches down and you will be rescued by Stellar Santiago. After watching the cut-scene where Roger and Stellar engage in conversation, you arrive at the Deepship's sickbay. Go into your pockets and remove the personal groomer off the belt. Try to use the scanner to the left of Jebba the Hop (a black pad with a red crosshair) and Jebba will stop you from using it. Talk to Jebba until Roger convinces him that he won't break the scanner. After you have been given the green light, place the personal groomer on the scanner to get a close-up of it. Place the groomer on it again and then press the “Scan” button. When it is done scanning, press the “Imprint Datacard” button. The scanner will produce a datacard for you Take the datacard and use it on the ComPost counsel on the left wall by the intra-ship teleporter pad.

The datacard identifies you as Nigel Rancid, the same Nigel who helped kidnapped you. When the menu appears, select “Intra-Ship Transport” to be given a list of rooms that you can teleport to. There's more on the next page. Select “More” and then “Roger's Quarters” to travel there. In your quarters, Look at the ComPost and check your mail. You should receive one from Kielbasa, who wants you to travel to Delta Burksilon V where an old lady called Sharpei requires your services. After you have viewed the message, go to the transporter room to beam down to Delta Burksilon V When the robot beams Roger down, the captain will have a word with him and then Roger heads into the elevator. Once inside the elevator, select “Quarters” as your destination.

When you get there, Roger introduces himself to Sharpei, who then asks you to clean her apartment. Grab the mop. When Sharpei asks you to fix the toilet, go into the bathroom and flush the astro-hed. Next , she wants you to go fetch her medication for her, so open the bathroom mirror and Roger will automatically give Sharpei the medication. After Roger has done these duties, his services are no longer required. Sharpei pushes a button besides her bed, and gas enters the room. She then falls unconscious. You only have a few minutes before Roger dies of suffocation. Search the side of Sharpei's bed to find a piston. Get it and use the piston on the door. Stellar breaks into the apartment and rescues you, but she doesn't make it.

And so we bid Stellar good-bye as Roger, Kielbasa, and his crew attend her funeral, which is held in the HoloSuite. The room is programmed to give everyone the feeling that they are actually outside. The people who have attended realize that Roger was close to Stellar so he is asked for any last words, use the eulogy on yourself to complete the funeral. When you get back to the ship, use the ComPost to return to Roger's Quarters.

Use the ComPost and it notifies you that you have a new message. Look at it to find out that it is from Stellar, looking alive and well. So she faked her own death? Use the ComPost to teleport to the bridge. You see consoles on each side of the room, and separating them is the commander's chair, or scratching post, which is raised high and is level with the monitor facing Keilbasa. He is pressing controls. To the right of the scratching post is some kitty litter. Talk to Kielbasa and Roger will tell him that Stellar is actually alive. He just doesn't believe you. When you are done with him, use the ComPost and select the database. Select “Entity Database”. Select “Known Races” and look up “Vulgars”. Cycle to the end of the document, then write down the holo-program number listed near the bottom. Travel to the holocabana.

This is the room where the funeral took place. Here, look at the counsel on the wall (not the ComPost, but the other one) and press the “on” button. Enter the number that was listed in the database under “Vulgars” and press “Enter”. A Vulgar appears in the middle of the room, along with his assistant. He performs the “Vulgar nerve Pinch” where he grabs his assistant's neck with two fingers to put his assistant in a state of paralysis. The Vulgar says something incoherent for a few second, and then as his assistant is rendered unconscious, the Vulgar boots him onto the floor. After the demonstration, use the ComPost to travel to 8-rear.

8-rear is a lounge area where the crew hangs out. You see several crew members sitting at tables, talking to each other. There is one dude called Sidney sitting alone. Talk to Sidney until he gives you his arm and eye. Use the ComPost to travel to the sickbay. Open the set of drawers at the very right of the counter, and take the morphin. Now teleport to the Shuttle Bay Entrance. There are two guards here, and there is a pile of donuts on the left hand side, under a lamp. The guard on the right seems to eat a donut every now and then. Use the Hands cursor on the right guard and Roger will perform the Vulgar Nerve Pinch. While he is performing the pinch, you can just make out what Roger is saying. (See the Trivia section.) After Roger knocks the guard unconscious, the guard on the left throws him into the brig.

There are only two cells in the brig. You are in the cell on the right. The left cell is occupied by a huge alien who makes himself invisible. Dorff, the dude with the elephant nose, teleports here with a tray of food. Wait until he enters your cell, gives you a bunch of food, taunts Roger, and goes back out again. Take all the food from the tray. Let's see - Yoda Ears, Bobbit Kabobs, a Rack of Orat, two Baguettes, Tubers, a Melon and Gragh. You need to use all of them to make a replica of yourself. Sure, this is a bad imitation of Roger, but Dorff is too blind to notice the difference. When you are done, wait until Dorff looks at the other cell, and put the vegetable man on the bed. Get in the hover tray. Now when Dorff is done giving food to the fake Roger, he takes the tray away with you in it then leave. You are now free. Use the ComPost to travel to the Shuttle Bay Entrance.

The two guards are still here. Looks like the right guard has recovered. Get a donut from the pile. In your pockets, inject some morphin into it and put it back onto the pile. Now wait until the left guard eats one. Once he does, he will act all funny and fall dead on the floor. Once he is out, do what you did before and use the Vulgar Nerve Pinch on him. Once he is out too, Roger will grab his keys off him. Push the button to the right of the entrance, then use Sidney's arm on the left. Roger will enter the shuttle bay. There are eight shuttles (four on each side) and two refueling stations. Go into your pockets and push the button on the keychain to identify your ship. Get into the ship.

Sit down in the left seat. Roger will grab a recall notice. Sit down again to view the cockpit. Push Power followed by the ICD button. Push the red button close to it and you will modify the type of gas used for Fuel Cylinder #1. Keep pressing it until you set it to Lanthanum. Using the appropriate buttons, set Fuel Cylinder #2 to Sulfur and Fuel Cylinder #3 to Silver. Set the catalyst to Neon using the same technique. The confirmation code is Lasagne. Push the Launch button and hold Sidney's eye to the scanner. Roger will start to take off, and he receives a transmission from Keilbasa, who urges him to turn back. Roger refuses to do so. Just as he is about to take off, a storm trooper runs to the shuttle and throws a fish into the engine intake.

Unfortunately, that ship causes the shuttle to be stored. Push the flashing button. This summons Manuel, your companion, whose main purpose is to help Roger when he gets into trouble. Open the glove box below the monitor. Get everything out of it. Now stand up and click the datacorder on Roger. Open it and get the dylithium crystal out of it. It is broken, so we need to fix it. In your pockets, place the glue on the crystal. The left wall of the shuttle has a panel that houses the main crystal. Open the panel and put glue on that crystal. Now attach the dylithium crystal and Roger will make one complete crystal. Close the panel. Sit back down again, and pull the two levels that operate the hood and trunk. Next, stand up and open the panel closest to Manuel's seat and get the EVA suit and helmet from inside. Wear them then go outside.

Get the help sign, pump, and jumper cables from the trunk, then place the sign on the tail fin. Moments later, a shuttle comes and a feisty woman gets out and offers some help. After Roger gives her one end of the jumper cables, look at the recall notice. Hook up the + and – ends of your end of the cable as it says in the notice. (If you do it wrong, Roger will get electrocuted.) The woman will leave and Roger will thank her for her services. Get the fish out of the engine intake and get back in the shuttle.

Sit back down and push the launch initiation button to start a launch. The shuttle arrives at Delta Burksilon V. Stand up and leave the shuttle. When you are in the elevator, select “Lab A” as you destination. When you have arrived, leave the elevator. There is a computer here. Next to the computer is a shelf labeled “Hi-Tek Stuff”. Click the Hands cursor on it. Search the Hands cursor on it and get the moddie out of it. Go back into the elevator and enter your shuttle.

Sit down in your seat and press the Power button, followed by the PTS button. A little red light on a button will light up. Push the button. It should make up a picture. Get the picture. Do this again so that you have two pictures. In your pockets, peal the negatives away from both of them. Now place one negative and one picture on the monitor that has a blue background with little white lines across it. When you are done with that, push the launch initiation button and select Polysorbate LX from the list of options that appear. When you arrive, talk to Manuel and have him beam you down to the planet's surface.

There, find and enter “Implants 'n Stuff”. Well, what do you know? It's Fester Blatz, from Space Quest III. Looks like he ran a poor business on Phleebhut, as a proprietor of World O' Wonders, the only settlement on the planet. Now he is trying his luck on Polysorbate LX selling implants. Talk to Fester until he repeats himself, then look at the neon sign of the brain with the letters “b d” underneath. The implants are expensive, but Fester cuts a deal with you. Give the moddie to him to receive the cyberspace jack. Leave and go to where you beamed down, and press the button on the signaler that Manuel gave you.

You arrive back in the shuttle. Sit down and press the Power button. Push the launch initiation button. When you have the selection of planets that you can go to, select Delta Burksilon V. When you arrive there, go back to “Lab A”. Sit at the computer and turn it on. Select “Cyberspace” from the list of options. Plug your jack into the connector.

After you arrive in cyberspace, follow the path around the broken bridge to eventually get to a construction site. Get the screw driver from the ground and the plank off the I-beams. Now go inside the building. Roger will end up in a office that looks like a lot like Windows 3.1. You will see what you usually see when you walk into offices: a window, radio, trashcan, clock, and fan. (Don't know about the Screen Savior.) The receptionist, Sis Inny, is restricted to a little 64x64 square. You need to access the files to her right, but to do that, you need to take a number from the rack. Your number is 3. The only problem is that Sis Inny is already serving 4, and you have to wait a bloody long time for the number display to reach 3 again. In fact, two people here have waited to their deaths. So you need to do something about it. Open the display and tweak it with the screw driver. That's better. Close the display and talk to Sis Inny. She will grant you access to the files.

Go down the aisle marked “J-R” and walk to the right until you reach the “R” section. Nigel Rancid's file is in the first “R” drawer, near the top. However, you need to create steps to it. The way to do this is by opening other drawers in a diagonal path. (Drawers that can be opened have a shadow at the top-left of them.) You can now examine Nigel's file. When you are done reading it, get the files that are references as well, then leave the files area when you have them. (You should have a total of five files). Sis Inny won't let you leave the office with the files, so print all the files (Don't worry, the files will be printed out outside cyberspace.) then leave the office. Return to the broken bridge and use the plank on it to lower it down. Get across it then leave the office.

Get the printed files and talk to Dr. Beleauxs. Since he is Sharpei's right-hand man and the genius behind Project Immortality, you need to convince Beleauxs that Sharpei is an evil witch that has taken hold of Stellar and undo his evil work. Show him all the files to do just that. Beleauxes tells Roger that the only way that he can stop Sharpei and save Stellar is to get inside Stellar's body. In order for Roger to get inside is to shrink Roger and his spaceship down to miniature size and inject him into her. You will be given a Subroutine Program Disk before he does this, and it enables you to navigate through Stellar's body and locate the nanites that Beleauxs mentioned earlier.

You are now inside Stellar's body. The shuttle lands in the stomach. Get your EVA suit and helmet from the left panel of the shuttle. Wear the suit and leave. Get the blood vessels off the left wing of your ship and the capillaries off the nose. Go through the red infected area to arrive at the ulcer. In the ulcer, climb down to the bottom and get the feather, staple, candy, and the string of celery, making sure to stay away from the nanites. Throw the candy into the closest pool of acid, then do the same with the other candies. The acid will sink. Go into your pockets and use the duct tape on the blood vessels, then use the blood vessels on the pump. Use the staple on the celery to form a grappling hook. Now climb up the side of the stomach and use the grappling hook on the entrance to the esophagus (the big bit that hangs down.) Once the grappling hook has been attached to it, climb back down to the bottom again, and then climb up the grappling hook.

You will now be inside Stellar's esophagus. Here, climb past the Twinkie, all the way up to the pill. Pull the pill out. Tickle the side of Stellar's throat with the feather. Climb back down into the stomach, then climb down through the hole on the left side of the stomach. You will be inside the duodenum. Exit to the bottom of the screen. Climb the hole on the right wall, and go up the tube into the gall bladder. Here, use the pump on the liquid and leave the area. (You don't need the pump anymore.) Get one of the gall stones on the tube floor and follow the tube to the right. You will come to a tight spot. Use the alveoli stuff to have Roger push it in, then click the Mouth cursor on it to have him inflate it. Keep going right until you make your way to the pancreas. Use the helmet to gather some pancreatic fluid and return to the stomach.

Roger's helmet contains some magic blend. Use that on the pill and get some of small timed-released pills that it produces. Return to the duodenum and exit to the bottom of the screen. Keep going down to the bottom until you see a huge tapeworm. Feed the timed-release pills to the tapeworm (don't get too close or you will be eaten). Click the Hands cursor on the tapeworm. Roger will ride it down to a tube. Follow the tube right. On the next screen, get the red fingernail, a piecer of silver, and a piece of that paper clip. Go to the worm and ride it again to return back to where it was found.

Return to your ship then enter it. Sit back down in the seat and put the “Subroutine Program Disc” into the slot. On the screen, you will see an outline of the human body with red dots that are scattered throughout the brain. These red dots are the nanites. Push the launch initiation button to travel to your brain. Stand up, get your EVA suit on, and leave the shuttle.

Use the broken fingernail on the layer of tissue underneath Roger, and walk left across the brain until you stop at a gap. Try to walk across it until Roger backs up, runs, and attempts to jump it. Roger will hang onto the ledge. Keep clicking the Feet cursor on the ledge until Roger pulls himself up. Now keep walking left. Eventually, you come across an elevator guarded by two big nanites. Have Roger walk deeper in the background, throw a gall stone at one of the nanites, then throw another at the other nanite. The two attack each other and they both deactivate. When they are dealt with, push the button on the elevator.

Take the elevator down but stop it on your way so that you can read the signs. Find Stellar's cough control section and jab it with the piece of paper clip. Keep going down into the elevator until you end up in a room with a pile of garbage in it. Click the Hands cursor on the area where the light is coming through. When you are inside the actual brain, use the paper clip on the bunch of nerves that are sparkling on the very right of the screen. Roger will fry the robot to a crisp and Sharpei appears (what's left of her, anyway). She taunts Roger and then picks him up. When you get control back, give the fish to Sharpei's Brain to defeat Sharpei. Roger saves Stellar and the two of them live happily ever after.

Game over, man, game over!

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