Space Quest V: The Next Mutation Credits


Producer/DirectorMark Crowe
Assistant DirectorDavid Selle
Lead ProgrammerDavid Sandgathe
ProgrammersHugh Diedrichs, Nancy Hamilton, Joseph Nelson, Geoff Rosser
Art DirectorShawn Sharp
Lead Production ArtistMike Jahnke
ArtistsKerrie Abbott, Ron Clayborn, Rhonda Conley, Jarrett Jester, Sean Murphy
3D ArtCyrus Kanga, Peter Lewis, Joel Mariano
Additional ArtDavid Aughenbaugh, Robert Caracol, Ian Gilliland
Original Score/Sound EffectsTimothy Steven Clarke, Christopher Stevens
Theatrical CoordinatorSher Alltucker
QA ManagerForrest Walker
Lead TesterGregg Giles
TestersGerald Azenaro, Tucker Hatfield, Eli Haworth, Daniel Hinds, Corey Reese, Nat Rudolph III, Christopher K. Singleton
Executive ProducerKen Williams
DesignerMark Crowe
System DevelopmentChad Bye, Dan Foy, J. Mark Hood, Brian K. Hughes, Ken Koch, Jack Magne, Terry McHenry, Larry Scott, Christopher Tudor-Smith, Mark Wilden
Box design byTerry Robinson
PhotographersDale Tendick, Tim Weyant
Special ThanksBack Stage, Jamie's and The Road Crew
Director for German and French VersionNorman Nelson
German TranslationElfie Friedrichs
French TranslationAgn├Ęs Massion

Game Manual

Contributing WritersMark Crowe, Bob Lindstrom, Josh Mandel, David Selle, Shawn Sharp, Barbara Ray
Copy EditorBarbara Ray
DesignShawn Sharp, Jenny Gray
ProductionJenny Gray

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