Written by  :  Benjamin Vigeant (8)
Written on  :  Mar 26, 2005

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Without a doubt, the best Space Quest

The Good

One thing I always thought Space Quest was lacking was characters. Sure, SQ4 had a few, SQ2 had Vohaul, and you could probably make a case for the other two as well, but none of them really have characters who Roger spends a long amount of time with. In this, Roger has Flo, Droole, Cliffy, and to a lesser extent WD-40 to keep him company, and they all have relatively interesting back stories, as well as are quite funny. Quirk is a decent villain, and Bea makes for an excellent love interest. As far as the goofy humor, it is pretty well done, from the quiz at the beginning (some of the questions were quite funny) to the final scenes, there were quite a few interesting jokes, a lot of them quite visual. The puzzles in this game were fairly well done, especially those in Kiz-Urazgudbi (which I won't give away the solution to).

The Bad

A fairly long maze at the end, and the fact that it was too short. In fact, the game gives a feeling of being unfinished, or at least rushed. The beginning and middle are fairly well designed, and keep a good pace, but once you get to the end game sequence there is a long maze and one or two other puzzles. The game doesn't provide enough resolution, either.

The Bottom Line

An excellent comedy adventure, which has a rushed ending.