Space Quest V: The Next Mutation Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title Screen
Title Screen II
Starting as a cadet in the Starcon Academy. Displaying the interface
Nice angle! You remember your former janitorial duties, but seem to be rusty with the technicalities
An attempt to pick up this guy evokes the displayed response from the game
Roger is taking an exam! But adventure game heroes always cheat, so relax
Copy protection? No, sir. Either tackle this on your own or... maybe... there might be another way?
Roger finally gets his own ship, the Eureka! Now the Stark Trek-parodying saga can truly begin
Talking to Flo, your communication officer. Note the dialogue options
The hunter ship
You also perform all communications from the cockpit. Captain Quirk doesn't seem to be altogether pleased
A rather rare comment from Roger himself - accompanied by a portrait
Exploring your ship, reading descriptions provided by the game
Proudly displaying your inventory
Exploring a picturesque planet known as Kiz Urazgubi. Hmm... If only I could find an etymology for this ancient alien name...
Chatting with Cliffy
Puzzle: figure out a way to open all the panels within the time limit
Brig and the entrance to the Spacebar
Taking your crew out for a diner
At the Spacebar. Trying to chat with an alien. The message that follows this one is "What a colorful language!"..
Playing the game Battle Cruiser against Captain Quirk!
Klorox II - a desert Starcon colony
You are attacked by a mutant!..
One of the game's death scenes
This is what happens when you use the Order icon on yourself
Reading the log of a captain, retrieved from a computer on an abandoned planet
Searching a space capsule
Thrakus - not the type of planet I choose for a vacation spot
A dramatic scene!..
Roger and Bea after escaping a near death blast by rebel mutant crew members
Outside of the Genetix Lab. What's happening to Roger?..
Roger has turned into a fly - and you get to play as one!
Using the EVA pod to save Cliffy
The fearsome androidess seems to have relaxed a bit
Roger makes a fool out of Quirk. Some cutscenes resemble comic book panels
Sneaking aboard the ship for the final showdown
Sneaking around the ship
This is what happens when you look at yourself
Inside the bowels of the Star Con's flag ship
Don't look down, Roger!..
Nearing the final phase of the game - it's easy to get shot here!..
A little rat makes a mess...
This funny little scene gives us an impression of what Beatrice thinks about Quirk.
Getting ready to leave Starcon...
Another beautiful scenery on Kiz Urazgubi.
Some hapless new mutants...
Genetix station in full view.
Who said a fly can't operate a computer?
WD-40 shows what she's made for - and this time not against Roger anymore!