Spelljammer: Pirates of Realmspace Credits


Director of Product DevelopmentAl Escudero
Amiga programming byColin Fox
Original IBM ProgrammingAlexander J. Russel
Game DesignAl Escudero
Music / Sound ProgrammingPeter Grisbale, Mark McGough
ArtAl Escudero, Marianne Van De Leygraaf, Alexander J. Russel, Earl Thurston, Ken Thurston
Writers/authorsAl Brown, Rick E. White
ProducerGeorge MacDonald
Associate ProducerRick E. White
PlaytestingDaniel Collins, Kym Goyer, Cyrus G. Harris, Jeffrey Shotwell
Special Thanks ToJames M. Ward
Cover artwork byErik Olson

Strategic Simulations, Inc.

ProducersNicholas Beliaeff, George MacDonald
EditorsEileen Matsumi, André Vrignaud
Initial DevelopmentBret Berry, David A. Lucca
ArtWilliam B. Yeatts
Lead TestersJeffrey Shotwell, Cyrus G. Harris
Sound/MusicRalph Thomas, Dana Pearson
PlaytestJoshua M. Cloud, Daniel Collins, Forrest Elam, Sean House, Chris Warshauer, Zane Wolters, Christine M. Watson, Larry Stephen Webber, TSCS Inc.
Test SupportKym Goyer
Desktop PublishingLouis Saekow Design
Pre‑press ProductionLouis Saekow Design
PrintingAmerican Lithographers Inc.

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