Spirit of Excalibur Credits


DirectorRobert C. Clardy
Lead ProgrammingAlan B. Clark
Associate ProgrammingMichael D. Branham, John P. Conley
PC Hardware DriversJohn McKinnie
Art DirectorRob Landeros
Principal Game ArtRobert Stein III
Additional ArtJonathan Sposato
EGA/Tandy 16 Color ArtCurt Toumanian
CD‑ROM Art EnhancementBradley W. Schenck
Art AssistanceDerek Clardy
Music CompositionChristopher Barker
PC Music DriversJohn McKinnie
PC Sound and Voice WorkMichael D. Branham
Voice Casting and DirectionJonathan Sposato
Character VoicesAdrian LaTourelle, Rob Landeros, Scott Reed, Erika Rolfsrud
Synergistic Lead QAAnn Dickens Clardy
Virgin‑Mastertronic Lead QADavid A. Luehmann
TestersMario Flammini, Michael Ormsby
Map ArtJeff Theriault
Cover ArtMark J. Ferrari
Game ManualRich Grace
Manual Production and EditingLisa Marcinko

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Credits for this game were contributed by Ray Soderlund (3609)