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    Genialer Spionagethriller - haarscharf an der Realit├Ąt!

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Press Release:

    Activision Signs Agreement with Universal Pictures to Develop Feature Film Based on Acclaimed CD-ROM Espionage Thriller Spycraft: The Great Game

    Agreement Marks Activision's Second Property to be Optioned by Hollywood

    Los Angeles, CA, June 19, 1996 -- Just three months after the release of its highly acclaimed CD-ROM espionage thriller, Spycraft: The Great Game, Activision, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) has entered into an agreement with Universal Pictures to develop a feature film based on the game. Spycraft: The Great Game is Activision's second property to be slated for development as either a motion picture or television series. The company recently signed a deal with Threshold Entertainment to expand its highly successful Zork franchise into film, television and other media. The agreement with Universal builds on Activision's strategy to leverage its strong brand franchises into linear entertainment. The announcement was made today by Bobby Kotick, Chairman and CEO, Activision, Inc.

    Under the terms of the agreement, Universal Pictures acquired the motion picture rights to Spycraft: The Great Game for Lawrence Gordon Productions -- which is helmed by Lawrence Gordon who has produced such films as "Die Hard" and "Field of Dreams."

    Additionally, Universal Pictures has acquired the rights to Spycraft for television and related ancillary activities. Activision will work closely with Universal Pictures and Lawrence Gordon Productions to select a writer and develop a script for the feature film.

    "Spycraft: The Great Game was the first interactive entertainment title to be set within the intriguing world of international espionage," states Kotick. "Due to the contributions of William Colby and Oleg Kalugin, the game offers an unparalleled level of authenticity in the spy genre. Our collaboration with Universal Pictures and Lawrence Gordon Productions reinforces Activision's role as a premier content provider for both linear and interactive entertainment."

    A true-to-life espionage CD-ROM thriller, Spycraft: The Great Game marks a historic collaboration between William Colby, former director of the CIA and Oleg Kalugin, former major general of the KGB, both of whom consulted on the project and portray themselves in the game. The game was written by James Adams, a leading news correspondent and renowned author specializing in international intelligence and terrorism operations.

    In Spycraft: The Great Game, the player assumes the role of a CIA operative who must attempt to unravel an assassination plot that could topple the fragile peace established by the Cold War. Blending fact and fiction to create a contemporary story tied to real-world events, the game thrusts the player into a dangerous world of intrigue where he must make significant moral choices and face the consequences of those actions. As the player begins his investigation, he discovers that a Russian presidential candidate has been assassinated and the CIA has received a tip that the life of the US president could be in serous jeopardy. The assassination may involve the Russian Mafia and a network of rogue ex- spies called Pro-cat. If the information is correct, global security could be destabilized and the stakes to maintain world peace would be higher than ever before.

    Spycraft: The Great Game is one of the first interactive entertainment titles to blend 35mn film, digital video footage, still photography and actual stock footage from the CIA with intricate 3-D puzzles based on real-life covert tactics and operations. Additionally, Spycraft was the first game ever to allow the player to take his investigation online through a unique component that enables him to travel the Internet to investigate leads and gather news reports from a dedicated Spycraft World Wide Web site.

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    Activision, Inc. is publicly held developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for Microsoft Windows 95 and MS-DOS compatible, Macintosh and other computers, as well as Nintendo, Sega, and Sony PlayStation video game systems. Headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in London, Tokyo and Sydney, the company sells and markets products under the Activision and Infocom trade names. Activision's Internet site is located at

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Back of the box:
    KAT (Kennedy Assassination Tool): Track the trajectory of an assassin's bullet using computer modeling to plot its path and identify its origin.

    Mix and Match: Create electronic sketches of potential suspects using 3-D composite imaging, then search the database for identification.

    Sound Analysis: Survey and locate other agents by analyzing voices and background sounds.

    Weapons Training: Use this specialized weapon training simulation to improve sharp-shooting skills under realistic scenarios.

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    Enter the world of International intrigue...

    It's you against faceless enemies in a rush to unravel a high-level assassination plot. Arm yourself with authentic spy tools, high-tech weapons and professional skills true to CIA operations. Then confront realistic global scenarios... where decisions you make determine th balance of world power....

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