Written by  :  lucian (40)
Written on  :  Sep 27, 2005
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars

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Manic Miner in Space

The Good

That's the greatest space adventure game that I ever played. It has humor, great and weird characters, a huge galaxy to explore, and that feeling which keeps you day and night in front of your monitor.

You start in a nearly empty giant vessel, which you can fill with modules, and there's no penalty for selling them! At first, it has painfully low turning speed, but as you manage to mine more minerals, it gets near perfection.

You spend all time talking to aliens, discovering their stars, avoiding combat when necessary (you have to have good knowledge of physics in order to move your ship), remembering tips from the Melnorme (and noting them on a piece of paper) and others, planning your fuel strategy (because all riches of the galaxy are not enough to propel a single ship to the stars in hyperspace), gathering strange alien lifeforms and trading them for secrets to the Melnorme and trying to stay alive.

After all grand planning and solving diplomatic puzzles, the end is quite simple, just blow off Samatra, the Ur-Quan station, but you need a Dyarri to confuse their minds (be careful not to confuse your mind too!).

And the greatest fun is finding Rainbow Worlds and trading their location for 500 credits to the Melnorme. For this you have to figure out an arrow pattern on the galaxy map (and not spend your next month searching every star,planet and moon in the galaxy).

You have to complete the game in 3 years or the Kzer-Ah are moving to destroy every living species in the galaxy. (You can use to your advantage,there are many paths to victory!)

The Bad

Mine Sol, Mine Alpha Centauri..mine all Centauri, remember your last mining location and move to the next constellation. Get at least fuel money to reach that distress call! But for that you need 100 units of fuel, each worth 20 credits and the lowest mining point of a mineral is 1,then 2,3,4,6,10 and 25 (the rarest purple exotics).

So a planet full with common metals cannot propel your starship back home!

Luckily, the Melnorme sell fuel for just 1 bio-credit, but you have to stun all that weird creatures found only on green trajectories planets (biological planets).

So pack your gear and find the Rainbow Worlds first (a little bit of cheating), then fight the Umgah and get 1000 worth of credits from them, or...you can always use the "lander-bug" (actually, I doubt it's not intentional): if you sell your lander, you can actually sell it more (break the int number, negative is encoded 1 in the byte, which also means...well, big number) until you get the needed money for that fancy Shiva Furnace from the Melnorme.

If your not cheating or looking unto a walkthrough, then there are 3 possibilities:

1. you don't have a life

2. that's the only fun at no.9 hospital

3. you're not going to kill yourself ...yet

The Bottom Line

The best game in space that I ever played, it's not like the boring strategies like MOO3 where you can have...hundreds of worlds, thousands of ships in tens of designs, each .. it's the only game that kept me for 2 days and 3 nights continuously in front of my monitor, until my legs were unmovable and I saw beautifully rendered clouds through my ..ice lens. (it's quite interesting, though)