Star Quest I in the 27th Century Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
A shot from a self-running demo, showing a chase view of an enemy craft.
The exploration mode allows to fly through available levels without the need to fight or complete other objectives.
Picking a difficulty setting (not all are available in the shareware version).
The player is briefed before each mission on the nature of current objectives and enemy types.
Each mission starts with a cutscene on the game engine, showing the player's ship fly towards the objectives.
Cockpit view during a mission in space.
After successfully completing a mission, the player is awarded with a new rank and an equipment upgrade, which will be available in subsequent missions.
In this mission, a transport convoy must be protected from enemy fighters.
External view of the player's ship with a transparent overlay of the HUD.
Trying to pick off an enemy craft that is busy attacking the convoy.
Chase view of an enemy ship.
Another fighter approaches the convoy.
They're coming too fast!
You can actually fly into the atmosphere of a nearby planet. Note the blue colour of its atmosphere.
Target destroyed! This was the last of the attackers.
A space racing event allows for a non-violent alternative to all the shooting around.
A view of the starport where the racing takes place.
Those gates with red edges indicate where the racing track is. One is supposed to elegantly fly through them without making contact.
A mission on a planet's surface.
The objective here is to take out power supply stations of a computer central, so that the enemy can't steal the data from it.
Enemy sentry ships are not primary targets here...
...still no reason not to blow 'em up.
You can pick one of quite a few colour schemes for the cockpit.
Another cockpit colour variant.