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    Interplay Releases Star Reach Available Now for IBM Computers

    Irvine, California - December 22, 1994 - Interplay announced today the release of Star Reach, a fast-paced strategy game of galactic conquest, now available for IBM and 100% compatible computers. Set in the distant future where alien races battle it out for domination over the galaxy, Star Reach is a stateof-the-art strategic action game that uses 32-bit programming, stereo sound-effects and a host of additional features to produce a visually stunning, lightning fast challenge. "Star Reach is an awesome game of strategy and action and the diversity of it is so great, it'll appeal to a wide variety of gamers," said Jerry Luttrell, marketing manager of Interplay Productions. "From the novice player to the hardcore demanding gamer, there is enough here to engage everyone. Star Reach will be that type of game you play over and over again as you learn its intricate strategies."

    Designed and developed by Techtonics, Star Reach features split-screen action to allow two opponents to play head to head, or against computer opponents. Players can also go it alone and play against one to three computer opponents. Programmed in 32-bit protected mode, players will thrill to the real-time, simultaneous strategy with over 20 scenarios, a 4-channel digital soundtrack and digitized speech. With stereo music, 3-D rendered battle-space ships, multiple scenarios and seven alien species, multiple combinations assure that the player will never get the same game twice. For those with a preference, Star Reach supports different playing styles from all-out arcade action to pure strategy, or combinations of both.

    Controlling a vast fleet of space craft and troops, players attempt to rule the galaxy through planetary colonization, economic decision making and space combat. With six different planet types to choose from and with different resources on each, players may capture a mineral-based planet for its mighty resources, build a domed community on a world of ice or outmaneuver and destroy ruthless enemies bent on taking over their planets. Players control all the action as they make every decision and move simultaneously with their opponents.

    Players can customize their fleets to use the types of ships that fit their playing style from light fighters, destroyers, satellites, troop-carriers, pirate ships, and many more. Players will establish colonies on conquered planets and make use of available resources. Stereo sound effects bring each and every battle to life in native sound board support for most major sound cards.

    Star Reach was produced by long-time Interplay producer Thomas R. Decker. His other achievements include the best-selling Mario Teaches Typing CD-ROM and the soon to be released Kingdom: The Far Reaches.

    Star Reach is available for IBM/Tandy and 100% compatibles for both CD-ROM and floppy disk. System Requirements include: 386DX-33 or faster, with 4mb RAM, 256 VGA video card, DOS 5.0 or higher, with a hard drive and 3.5" floppy disk required; joystick and Microsoft Mouse supported. Digitized speech is supported by the Sound Blaster Pro Series and Sound Blaster Pro, Gravis Ultrasound, Aria and Pro Audio Spectrum Series.

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