Star Reach (DOS)

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Star Reach Credits


Designed byDavid Foote, Tim York
Programmed byDavid Foote, Tim York
Produced byThomas R. Decker
Assistant ProducerFred Royal
Intro SequenceCharles H. H. Weidman III
ArtDavid Shea, Mark E. Kern, Daniel Sunwoo, George Almond, Arlene Caberto Somers, Charles H. H. Weidman III
Additional ArtCheryl Austin, Larry Fukuoka, Scott Mathews
MusicDan Nicholson, Neil D. Voss, Brian Luzietta
Sound EffectsCharles Deenen, Neil D. Voss, Gregory R. Allen
Additional ProgrammingAnton Lee, Scott Philips
Quality AssuranceKirk Tome
Lead TesterJim Boone
TestingRaphael Hernandez, Ryan Rucinski, Brian Rollason, Matthew J. Norton, Jason G. Suinn, Reginald J. Arnedo, Todd Loenhorst, Scott McKelvey, Darren L. Monahan, Christopher M. Benson, Robert Rooke, Dave Simon
Manual byThomas R. Decker, David Foote, Tim York
Manual EditingHugh Heslep
Story byKeith Herber
Layout and DesignJennifer Mattox, Ulises Gerardo
EditorBruce Warner

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