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Star Wars: Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire (DOS)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Star Wars: Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire Credits


Original ConceptVince Lee, Michael Stemmle, Brett Tosti
Project LeaderVince Lee
DesignVince Lee
ProgrammingVince Lee
Visual DesignRichard Green
Lead ArtistRichard Green
CastJamison Jones (as Rookie One), Julie Eccles (as Ru Murleen), Gary Martinez (as Admiral Sarn), Howard Swain (as Imperial Officer), Roy Conrad (as Captain Merrick), Craig Lewis (as Admiral Krane), Michael Aron (as Ensign Till), Zachary Barton (as Commander Jenn), Marc Bauman (as Cargo Captain), Chopper Bernet (as Commander Kirby), Nicole Galland (as Ina Rece), Carl Magruder (as Darnell Reggs), C. Andrew Nelson (as Darth Vader), Marc Bauman (as Stormtrooper), Carl Magruder (as Stormtrooper), Admiral Ackbar
Rebels (extras)Mark Christiansen, Laddia Holly, Garrett Griffin, Kathy McGinley, Howard Meehan, Marilyn Moetén, Ron Roggé, Greg Scott, Carolyn Taylor, Matthew Troncone, Blake Tucker
Voice OversDenny Delk (as Intercom and Red Shirt One), Nick Jameson (as Emperor and Stormtrooper), Colin Michael Kitchens (as Stormtrooper), Scott Lawrence (as Darth Vader)
Additional ProgrammingMichael McMahon, Matthew Russell (Windows Programming), Aaron Giles (Macintosh Programming), Paul D. LeFevre (Bootmaker Programming)
Graphics / ArtworkDaniel Colon Jr., Richard Green, Alan Iglesias, Eric Ingerson, Jon Knoles, Ron K. Lussier, Garry M. Gaber, Seth Piezas, Craig Rundels, William Stoneham, Clint Young
3D ModellingMarco Bertoldo, Thom Bishop, Eric Chadwick, Cody Chancellor, John Evershed, Melissa Kangeter, Noah Kennedy, Tim McNally, Bill Neimeyer
Lead Video Effects CompositorMark Christiansen
Lead Art TechnicianAaron Muszalski
Video Effects CompositorChris Weakley
Art TechnicianDoug Shannon
Storyboard ArtistPaul Topolos
Director of Live VideoHal Barwood
Additional Video Production SupportLaurie Blavin, George Young, Joyce Quan, Rick Wise, Jim Rolin, Patrick Sirk, Mike Dondero, Lisa Ginsburg, Blake Tucker, Nelson Hall
Sound DesignerLarry the O
Sound Quality ControlPeter McConnell
MusicJohn T. Williams
Music played byLondon Symphonic Orchestra
Voice Producer/Director/CastingTamlynn Niglio
Voice EditorKhris Brown
Assistant Voice EditorsCoya Elliott, Julian Kwasneski
Voice Production AssistancePeggy Bartlett
Director of ProductionSteve Dauterman
Production CoordinatorLleslle Aclaro
Quality Assurance ManagerMark Cartwright
Quality Assurance SupervisorDan Connors
Lead TesterBrian Kemp
DocumentationBrian Bonet, Jonathan Jackson
PlaytestingMatthew Azeveda, Albert Chen, James Evans, Brad Grantham, John Hannon, Darren Johnson, Sean Matheis, Christopher John Snyder, Janene Gunning
Lead Compatibility TestingChip Hinnenberg
Compatibility TestingAmy Coffman, Doyle Gilstrap Jr., James Davison, Anthony Burquez, Scott Douglas
Quality Assurance ArchivistWendy Kaplan
Product Marketing ManagerBarbara Gleason
Public Relations ManagerSue Seserman
Public Relations SpecialistTom Sarris
Cover ArtWilliam L. Eaken
Package DesignSoo Hoo Design, Richard Green
Manual DesignShepard Associates
Special Thanks ToCasey Donahue Ackley, Jonathan Ackley, Laura Ackley, Peggy Bartlett, Neena Bonetti, Angie Brown, Rachel Bryant, Toni Esposti, Krista Hand, Allan Kausch, Avery Lee, George Lucas, Manny Martinez, Gabriel McDonald, Troy Molander, Stacy A. Mollema, Elizabeth Moore, Stephen R. Shaw, Howard Roffman, Julia Russo, Dan Teven, Aric Wilmunder, Laurel Woods

German Version

Project LeadMarkus Ludolf
Localisation CoordinatorThorsten Neumann
LocalisationMarkus Ludolf, Norman Matt
Manual TranslationMarkus Ludolf
Quality AssuranceChristian Schneider
LecturerAnnette Khartabil
CoordinationKristin Dodt
Product LogisticsDavid Weiler
LayoutOliver Dannat
Set / Fine‑DrawingCord Steinbüchel, Jörg Jahns
PrintingLippert Druck & Verlag

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