Star Wars: TIE Fighter - Defender of the Empire Credits


Project LeadLawrence Holland, Edward Kilham
DesignLawrence Holland, Edward Kilham
3D Flight EnginePeter Lincroft
Cinematic EngineEdward Kilham
Mission AI EngineLawrence Holland
Game GraphicsJames McLeod, Martin Cameron
Cockpit GraphicsMartin Cameron
Cut ScenesJon Knoles, James McLeod, Martin Cameron
MissionsDavid Maxwell, David Wessman
3D Flight Engine ModelsWade Lady, Dave Bengel, Peter Lincroft, Martin Cameron
iMUSE Interactive Music SystemMichael Z. Land, Peter McConnell, Justin Graham
Music & OrchestraMichael Z. Land, Peter McConnell, Clint Bajakian
Digital Sound FXClint Bajakian
Voice RecordingKhris Brown
Additional Voice RecordingClint Bajakian, Peter McConnell
Voice ProducerTamlynn Niglio
ProducerKalani Streicher, Wayne Cline
Lead TesterBrian Kemp
TesterWilliam W. Brusn, Reed Knight, Darren Johnson, Albert Chen, Sean Matheis
Further TestingLeyton Chew, Christopher John Snyder, Dan Connors, Matthew Forbush, Damon Tripodi, Doyle Gilstrap Jr.
Compatibility TestingChip Hinnenberg
Quality Assurance LeadMark Cartwright
Product Marketing ManagerBarbara Gleason
Public RelationsSue Seserman, Camela Boswell
Package DesignTerri Soo Hoo, Jon Knoles
Package TitleRon K. Lussier
ManualWayne Cline
Manual DesignShepard Associates
Product Support ManagerMara Kaehn
Product SupportThe Product Support Team
Project CoordinatorRobin Holland
Special Thanks toMichael Betram, Garry Sommers, Steve Dauterman
Unpayable SupportLaurie Canfield, Heidi Kilham, Robin Holland, Yali Lincroft, Debbie McLeod, Maria Venezia
Original Theme MusicJohn T. Williams
A very special thanks toGeorge Lucas

German Version: Softgold Computerspiele

Project LeadThomas Brockhage
LocalisationNils Bote, Thomas Buchhorn, Andre Bremer
Manual TranslationBernd Heuckendorf
LecturerAntje Sprekeler, Annette Khartabil
Manual LayoutOliver Dannat
ProductionJörgen Schlegel
Set/Fine‑DrawingAndreas Otte
PrintingLippert Druck & Verlag

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