Star Wars: TIE Fighter Credits

Game Credits

Project LeadLawrence Holland, Edward Kilham
DesignLawrence Holland, Edward Kilham
3D Flight EnginePeter Lincroft
Cinematic EngineEdward Kilham
Mission AI EngineLawrence Holland
Pilot Concourse ArtworkJames McLeod, Martin Cameron
Cockpit ArtworkMartin Cameron
Cutscene ArtworkJon Knoles, James McLeod, Martin Cameron
Mission BuildersDavid Maxwell, David Wessman
3D Flight Engine ModelsWade Lady, Dave Bengel, Peter Lincroft, Martin Cameron
iMUSE Interactive Music SystemMichael Z. Land, Peter McConnell, Justin Graham
Music and OrchestrationMichael Z. Land, Peter McConnell, Clint Bajakian
Digital Sound EffectsClint Bajakian
Voice Directing and EditingKhris Brown
Additional Directing and EditingClint Bajakian, Peter McConnell
Voice ProducerTamlynn Niglio
ProducersKalani Streicher, Wayne Cline
Lead TesterDoyle Gilstrap Jr.
TestersWilliam Burns, Leyton Chew, Christopher John Snyder, Brett Tosti
Additional TestingDan Connors, Matthew Forbush, Brian Kemp, Damon Tripodi
Compatibility TestingChip Hinnenberg
Quality Assurance SupervisorMark Cartwright
Product Marketing ManagerBarbara Gleason
Public RelationsSue Seserman, Camela Boswell
Package DesignTerri Soo Hoo, Jon Knoles
Package Cover ArtRon K. Lussier
Manual Written byWayne Cline
Manual DesignShepard Associates
Product Support ManagerMara Kaehn
Product SupportThe Product Support Team
Project AdministrationRobin Holland
Special ThanksMichael Betram, Garry Sommers, Steve Dauterman
Invaluable SupportLaurie Canfield, Heidi Kilham, Robin Holland, Yali Lincroft, Debbie McLeod, Maria Venezia
Original Theme MusicJohn T. Williams
Very Special ThaksGeorge Lucas

The Stele Chronicles

StoryRusel DeMaria
ConceptsRusel DeMaria, Lawrence Holland, Edward Kilham, with special thanks to Lucasfilm Ltd., George Lucas, West End Books, Ed Dille
Original ArtOcean Quigley
3D ModelsMartin Cameron, John Bell
Layout and DesignRusel DeMaria
Project Coordination and special assistance at LucasArtsBarbara Gleason, Kalani Streicher, Mary Bihr
Project Coordination and special assistance at Lucasfilm Ltd.Lucy Autrey Wilson, Sue Rostoni
Project Coordination and special assistance at Peregrine SoftwareLawrence Holland, Edward Kilham, Peter Lincroft, Martin Cameron, David Maxwell, David Wessman
Project Coordination and special assistance at Prima PublishingBecky Freeman, Roger Stewart, Neweleen Trebnik, Kim Bartusch
Cover DesignDunlavey Studios
Cover ArtworkOcean Quigley
Editing and ProofingBecky Freeman, Rick Barba, Alex Uttermann
Produced byDeMaria Studio

Deutsche Version

Project Leader / TranslationNils Bote
Voice ProductionAndre Bremer
Translation of ManualBernd Heuckendorf
EditorAntje Sprekeler, Annette Khartabil
Art DirectorOliver Dannat
ProductionJörgen Schlegel
Pre‑PressMatthias Berghaus, Andreas Otte

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Credits for this game were contributed by IJan (1999), The Greek (92) and formercontrib (159540)