Star Wars: TIE Fighter Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title - Star Wars
Introduction - The Traditional
Introduction - The Emperor
Introduction - Darth Vader
Final Title
The Simulator
Tech Room - Falcon Millenium
Your Mission
One Target
You Crash !
Return to the Base
The Emperor's palace on Coruscant.
An Imperial TIE pilot - up close and personal.
The Tech Room can give you basic information about Imperial, Rebel and Neutral ships you will encounter in the game.
Reviewing my performance in the Film Room - my TIE Interceptor with a Nebulon-B Frigate in background.
In-flight 3D tactical map, showing you the position of friendly, neutral or enemy forces.
The Empire meets with local planetary leaders. All in the interest of peace and prosperity for everyone, of course ;)
The entrance to the the elite Secret Order of the Emperor, where only the best TIE pilots are admitted.
Becoming a member of the Secret Order - and accepting the power of the Dark Side.
This eerie tattoo designates your rank within the Secret Order.
The funeral of an Imperial TIE pilot.