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Star Wars: X-Wing (DOS)

Star Wars: X-Wing Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Dark Forces are in attack mode (intro sequence)
Under Attack (intro sequence)
Preparing the X-Wing Starfighters (intro sequence)
Leaving our mother ship behind (intro sequence)
Inside of a X-Wing
Our Spaceport
Tech Room - Learn more about the starships
Briefing Room
Battle against Imperial Forces near the Death Star
Arriving at the training facility.
Proving ground briefing.
Proving ground.
Inflight map.
Shooting to container.
Entering hyperspace.
Tracking the enemy TIE Interceptor.
Trying to destroy TIE Fighter with laser.
Great shot!
A funeral.
TIE Bomber is destroyed.
One of the enemy TIE Fighters...
Imperial ships from intro
Red leader (intro)
Moving between rebels ships
I see enemy!
Training mode