Starflight 2: Trade Routes of the Cloud Nebula Credits


Original ConceptBob Gonsalves, Greg Johnson, Alec Kercso, T. C. Lee, Rod McConnell
DesignGreg Johnson
ProgrammingBob Gonsalves
Graphics / ArtworkMatt Crane, Greg Johnson, Erol Otus
Cover ArtSean Joyce
PackagingLance Anderson, Alan Okamoto
DocumentationAlan Okamoto, David Luoto, Greg Johnson
ProducerRoland Kippenhan III
Project ManagerBing Gordon, Christopher Thompson
Special Thanks ToPaul Reiche III, Evan Robinson, Nicky Robinson, Av Baby, Beth Reguardz, All of our imaginery friends
Special ConsultantHigh Ambassadorial Ambassador K'tpahwhooshh
Best BoyGrip Foley (Gaffer)

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