Written by  :  Brian Rubin (23)
Written on  :  Aug 13, 1999
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
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A Game I Still Play Today

The Good

This game, and its predecessor, had it all. You flew around in a large universe, with a custom ship AND a custom crew. This game succesfully combined action, strategy, tactics, and a bit of role playing, into what is one of the best science fiction games to date.

There are few games that bring a gleam to my eye and a song to my heart, but the Starflight games accomplish just that. With it's brilliant mix of playability, ease of use, story, humor, and great graphics, this is one game that begs for a sequel.

This is a game to which others like it have been judged, including Star Control 2, a very similar game. :) I can't gush enough about what this series of games means to me. :)

The Bad

Nothing, really. It didn't need any patches like games today. ;)

The Bottom Line

I would describe this game as mix of role playing, science fiction storytelling, and space exploration. It's funny, tense, and though provoking all at the same time. :)