Stonekeep Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Thera welcomes you in the ruins beneath Stonekeep
Reading one of the many scrolls you find
(intro) Merry bluescreen acting folk of Stonekeep
(intro) Drake, our hero
Equipping Drake with another dagger (note the concealed alcove on the wall)
You meet Khull-Khumm, the Shadow King, very early in the game
(intro) Goddess Thera guides Drake on his quest to free her
Fighting a pair of Shargas
Using a key to unlock a door
Checking your stats in the journal
The journal inventories every item you pick up
Put away pen & paper, the journal maps the game for you!
In combat with a nasty giant ant
Use Afri's Orb to find hidden passageways
Meeting the Great Wahooka (or Wahooka the Great... whatever...)
Freeing the dwarf Farli Mallestone...
...who then joins your party!
The useful Notes section in the journal
A giant snake emerges in front of me.
Searching the sewers for items after the water was drained.
Once the water is gone these tentacle monsters are easy to defeat.
Shooting fireballs at a Sharga.
This cutscene is showing a Sharga getting flogged by a Throg.
Attacked by a swarm!
Sword fight with a skeleton warrior
Release that dwarf and he will join your party.
Our party consists of four members now.
We have find that key to free the dragon.
Wandering around, collecting flowers.
We have reached the Ice Caverns. Shargas won't attack us anymore.
The way is blocked but you can smash those rocks with the hammer.
Hello ettin, can you throw me a rope? What the...
A throg shaman
Is that a sarcophagus? I wonder if I should open thi...
Faerie band, they are the Gungans of this realm... it's worse: they sing!
Queen Iaenni introduces you to the story of Devastation
Ice Queen probably had Xena as her role model
Get rid of the floating skulls using this ingenious stone-spitting dwarven contraption!