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DOS version

Title Screen
Intro - The sinister acolytes of the Order
The game starts here. A comically large health kit is in front of you. You hit the air with your starting weapon. A standard low-level enemy walks away politely
This guy is a quest-giver. He explains to you what he wants. He gives you a crossbow if you talk to him. The writing is actually pretty good
The perfect day for a leisurely swim past the Order's main warehouse
You can get patched up at the surgery
Some kind of industrial machinery going up and down
Exploring the town. Looking out across the river
You can talk to unnamed characters who just wander around the town. They don't say much, though - and you don't see their portraits, either
Beautiful detail in the local tavern!
About to get my arse beaten down at the Order's power plant
This guy sells all kinds of armour
The map screen - Some of these levels are *huge*!
A corridor at the Front's secret base
The shooting range! It might be considered cheating if I use my grenade launcher...
Macil, leader of the Front
Cutscene - The Order sure know how to throw a party!
You can view all your weapons and gadgets right here. Very handy, indeed!
Oh yes, a typical situation in early first-person shooters
They're armed with flamethrowers! NOOOOOO!!!
You can even talk to the enemies! My, this guy is a charmer!..
Nice effects: grenades explode as I fool around with the launcher near some barrels
Sewers! Because this game is almost an RPG, and RPGs have... sewers! Right?..
Beautiful doors. You'll see a lot of this design in the game. Check our my new powerful weapon, too
One of the many charming folk you will encounter during your adventure
One of Strife's most interesting moments: coordinated assault on the castle!
Hey! I do want to be a good Catholic, but you aren't a priest!..
The Front's soldiers stand guard at the captured castle
Exploring the Borderlands. This is the ever-popular flying, shooting bot. Fun for any occasion!
New (and slightly cheesy) robotic armor-clad enemies appear
Throwing grenades into the courtyard below. Note the ominous red sky...
Anger management problems, much?.. Sir, you are a huge robot! You should have more... self-control, you know what I'm saying?..
A meeting with the Oracle
Freeing a Templar from his misery: a powerful robotic body armor! I'm... helping, right?..
An armoury! Great!
New enemy type appears as you go deeper into the enemy territory: a ninja-like robotic assassin!..
Made it to the end of this level. This object in front of me must be the reason for all this trouble... Note I'm equipped with the game's most powerful weapon: the Sigil
Even the twisted killing machines who work for the Order can have desk jobs
Is it party tonight?..
Tired? The castle offers great accommodations! Guaranteed cure of insomnia: a horde of maniacal robotic henchmen!
Quit Screen
Whoa, this is not a pretty sight... I try consoling myself by capturing the greenish energy effects on a screenshot for MobyGames
You know you are nearing the game's final stages when everything becomes unpleasantly organic! Right?..

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  • Strife Screenshot
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  • Strife Screenshot
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  • Strife Screenshot
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  • Strife Screenshot
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