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Stronghold (DOS)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Stronghold Credits


DesignMark Buchignani, David Bunnett, Don L. Daglow, Chris Green, Mark Manyen, Cathryn Mataga, Hudson Piehl, Rhonda Van
ProgrammingCathryn Mataga
Graphics / ArtworkKenn Berry, David Bunnett, David Clemons, Marina Goldberg, Chris Green, Crispy Green, John Keester, Delphine Louie, William M. Sullivan, Kimberly Moriki Zamlich, Al Roughton, Arturo Sinclair
MusicSteven Scherer
SoundSteven Scherer
Art DirectorDavid Bunnett
Associate ProducerRhonda Van
Assistant ProducerDavid Clemons, Arturo Sinclair
Project ManagerDon L. Daglow
Technical DirectorMark Buchignani
SupportSean Carson
PlaytestingBrian Lowe, Thomas MacDevitt, Tomislav Petrovic, Jeff Shotwell, Matthew Vella

Stormfront Studios, Inc.

Character AnimationCrispy Green
Opening SequenceArturo Sinclair, David Clemons
Additional Game DesignMark Manyen, Hudson Piehl

Strategic Simulations, Inc.

Rule Book WritersMark Buchignani (Stormfront Studios), Rhonda Van (SSI)
Rule Book EditorsEileen Matsumi, André Vrignaud, Al Brown
ProducerBret Berry
Test SupportKym Goyer
Graphic Design and DTPDavid Boudreau (Louis Saekow Design), Leedara Sears (Louis Saekow Design)
PrintingA&a Printers and Lithographers

Softgold Computerspiele GmbH

German VersionSoftgold Computerspiele GmbH
Project LeadChristoph Schmitz, Thomas Brockhage (CD-ROM Version)
Quality AssuranceChristoph Schmitz, Gunnar Pauleickhoff, Grischa Gaede
Manual TranslationPeter Kathe
LecturerAnnette Khartabil
CoordinationKristin Dodt
Manual Illustrations & LayoutOliver Dannat, Jörgen Schlegel
ProductionJörgen Schlegel, Matthias Berghaus
Set & Lithographyschaff'MEISTER...! Düsseldorf
Litho (CD‑ROM Version)Lasenga & Partner

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