Written by  :  Kate Jones (480)
Written on  :  Nov 14, 2001
Platform  :  DOS

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Awful, simply awful

The Good

The game works mostly like any Sim City clone. You have a kingdom, you make houses for people to live in, crops make you gain food, other buildings gives you money and etc... so the main element is you trying to keep a balance of buildings while you increasing your kingdom. There's really no challenge in the game, only patience, as you wait for buildings to finish and for money to pour in. The game *really* needs a speedup option. Another small element is combat, there's creatures around in the land which will attack you, and you can attack them by (in a very annoying and slow way) selecting units to attack the enemies.

The Bad

The game's just plain boring. And the graphics just look weird... it's a mix of simple 3d terrain and 2d sprites which does not blend in well. And the game is D&D, which I just don't understand, can you imagine seeing a Sim City game with D&D rules? Well, this game is officially D&D, when you make a leader you get to roll dices to get stats (something I've always hated in D&D games, every player I see rolling a character presses "reroll" a million times, why not have a system where the player allocates points? ... I *hate* D&D), of course I have no freaking idea what the stats mean in the game. Perhaps your population fights better with more strength, but I'll be damned if I can guess what intelligence, wisdom and such do. So the D&D rules could have just been taken out, I pray that the combat engine isn't based on D&D rules as that would make it totally random (the fighting in D&D isn't exactly known for being advanced). The sounds are also insanely annoying, the ambience sounds consists of 4 short sounds being looped randomnly and it sounds so annoying, the few odd places there's music it's bad.

The Bottom Line

The game's just plain horrible. It's boring, and the only challenge is patience. Steer away from this one unless you love Sim City-alike games to death.