Written by  :  Eric Post (2)
Written on  :  Jul 17, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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A truly revolutionary game that is head and shoulder above the competiton.

The Good

Graphics (9/10): Oh man, when I first turned this gem in, the introduction just wowed me. The portraits of your different units are simply amazing, and the detail on the buildings and units is so nice that for the time it was released I really couldn't find any game that looks better.

Sound (6/10): Mostly repetitive, the music while looking at characters you control or enemy characters is suiting and is good to the ears, but there is no other music. The sound effects can be comical in battle, and most of what you hear will be the crashing sounds while structures are being built. Although, none of this used to bother me in the least, I guess I'm just spoiled. =P

Gameplay (8/10): Wonderfully fun getting your newer buildings and upgrading your old ones, but when your empires get very large it is VERY difficult to keep track of every single square of land. Battle can also be a pain, and controlling your armies takes a bit of practice.

Overall (9/10):The game just has a certain draw to it and you never really quite feel you've beaten it. Every game a different but always graphically gorgeous experience, this is one I'll still go to on occasion for years to come. An absolute must-try for anyone who thought (or still think) that civilization was fun.

The Bad

Well I sort of covered most of that already.

The Bottom Line

Hehe, that too.