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    The Animated Spelling Bee that Builds Spelling Skills and Word Power.

    Is it i before e or the other way around? That's just one of the things you'll need to learn to outsmart and outspell the Master of Mischief himself, Morty Maxwell. He's challenged Super Solvers to the national spelling bee at the White House - but first you have to spell your way there. So, sharpen your spelling skills with spellbinding activities like Word Search, Criss Cross, and Flash Card. And, before you know it, you'll be spelling victory at the National Championships.

    Educational Benefits:

  • Builds fundamental spelling skills. Four interactive activities help children master spelling using word recall, recognition, and differentiation techniques.
  • Enhances vocabulary and language development. Words chosen on the basis of their age appropriateness and visual imagery help sustain interest and encourage a broader vocabulary.
  • Allows you to create customized weekly spelling lists. By adding their own word lists, children can practice spelling words from school or those they frequently misspell.
  • Developed by education experts. A team of experts carefully designed this product with extensive input from educators, parents, and children to develop spelling and vocabulary skills essential for successful learning.

  • Special Features:

  • The spelling fun never ends. Start with 1,000 words sorted into topics children will love, then add up to 3.000 of your own spelling words.
  • Five levels of spelling-bee action. As your word power increases, so does the challenge.
  • It's a spelling adventure. Colorful, animated graphics and crazy robot characters make spelling a visual treat.
  • You can hear the difference. With CD-quality sound effects and over 1,000 spoken words, you'll think you're at a real-live spelling bee.
  • Practice makes perfect. The words you misspell from each spelling list will reappear throughout the game, so you'll have extra time to master the difficult ones.

  • Contributed by Andrew Shepard (1414) on Jan 13, 2007.