Superhero League of Hoboken Credits


Game DesignSteve Eric Meretzky
ArtPeter J. Calabria Jr., Anne Marie Cox, Tanya Isaacson, Cindy Kovalck, Paul Mock, Mark Poesch
MusicDoug Brandon, Arfing Dog, Eric Heberling, Michael Verdu
Adlib/Soundblaster TranscriptionsEric Heberling
Audio ProductionKathleen Bober, Charley Hardman
System ArchitectureDuane Beck, Michael Lindner, Mark Poesch, Michael Verdu
System ProgrammingDuane Beck, Chip Kerchner, Mark Poesch
Additional ProgrammingLeo DaCosta
Sound EffectsDuane Beck
Role Playing InterfacesDuane Beck, Chip Kerchner, Mark Poesch, James Synoski
Package DesignPeggy Oriani
Production CoordinationRosie Freeman
Cover IllustrationFrancesco Santalucia
Cover PaintingCraig Nelson
Testing CoordinationAlyssa Verdu
TestingDuane Beck, Jason Bestimt, Barbara Defilippo, Ron Gibson, Chip Kerchner, Sandy Kerchner, Jeremy Lam, Michael Lindner, Joven J. Malazo, Mark Poesch
ProducersSteve Eric Meretzky, Michael Verdu
Special Thanks ToYale University Information Office, Princeton University Information Office, Hoboken Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln Public Library, U.S. Geological Survey, National Park Service - Morristown National Historic Park, National Park Service - Edison National Historic Park, THAT Agency, Bob Bates, James Sullivan, New York Yankees Baseball Club
Voice ActorsKathleen Bober, Joe Brady, Brian Chetelat, Eric Cody, Allyson Currin, Arfing Dog, John Dow, Rich Fogg, John Hansen, David Hilder, James Kinstle, Mark Redfield, Karol Skotarski, Paul Skotarski, Gary Telles, Barrett Whitener, John Worley

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Credits for this game were contributed by andyhat (2001) and Foxhack (20553)