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Sword of the Samurai Credits


Project LeaderLawrence Schick
Lead ProgrammingJim Synoski
Additional ProgrammingDan Chang, John Kennedy, David McKibbin, Sid Meier, Jim Synoski
Graphics / ArtworkBarbara D. Bents, Michael O. Haire, Jackie Ross
MusicJeffery L. Briggs
SoundKen Lagace, Jim McConkey
Art DirectorMichael O. Haire
PackagingMark J. Ciola, John Emory
DocumentationJeffery L. Briggs, Sandy Petersen, Lawrence Schick
Quality AssuranceRuss Cooney, Alan Roireau, Chris Taormino
Demo Disk and Programming HelpBill Becker
Title Screen AnimationMichael O. Haire, Jackie Ross, Barbara D. Bents, Michael Reis
Ad ScreenMichael Reis
Province Maps Edited bySandy Petersen
Additional Quality AssuranceKevin Buckner
Manual Translation (German)I. Weiss, Alpha
Print Media DirectorIris Leigh Idokogi
Full‑page IllustrationsRonnie Ordanza, Marcell E. Ciola
Spot IllustrationsOscar Ratti (based on Secrets of the Samurai by Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook)
Manual LayoutMichael O. Haire, Murray Taylor
Paper Chart GraphicsMarcell E. Ciola, Murray Taylor, Michael Reis

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