Sword of the Samurai Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Select game difficulty.
Choose a home base and your starting clan.
Survey yourself, you old Daimyo you
Battle - troops in Katana formation
Kidnapping screen
Your wedding
You have become the Shogun!
You broke the bandits!
Intrigue in the castle
Melee in a village
Choose a wife of commendable honour.
Attack the monk fort?
Contemplate retirement
A wandering swordsman
Sword play
Raise taxes to gain land but lose support of your people.
Visiting a rival offers many options. Some good, some bad, some suicide :)
Espionage attempts towards your rivals (when travelling as a ronin) have beneficial but dangerous consequences to your cause.
Honor quests come in all shapes and sizes. Here you have to duel an enemy assassin caught in your lord's castle.
Visit rival strongholds and invite them to tea parties to strengthen friendly ties.