Written by  :  DarkTalon (162)
Written on  :  Jan 07, 2000
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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A wonderful game of mass mayhem, blowing up buildings, destroying whole cities and very clever puzzels, absolutely great!

The Good

Everything range from the moody music, dark futuristic atmosphere, game concept, great 3D graphics, rotatable views, intuitive interface, very satisfying game experience (more on it later), etc. etc. And the part of the game to research new technology and alien artifacts to wield new, more destructive and weird weapons or agent upgrades are just thrilling! The level design and puzzels are very clever, with diverse mission objectives and interesting twists. The abilities to ride vehicles and the many various types of different vehicles are really fun. Oh, and have I mentioned that you can blow up buildings and wreaking havoc to whole cities? :D

The Bad

Sometimes since there is no in-mission save in this game, the last several long and difficult levels are really hard to beat and requires a lot of restarts and clever thinking as most of them require some innovative tactics to get through, and this can feel a bit frustrating (However, as I have mentioned above, this also partly makes completing the game extremely satisfying :) And somtimes on very rare occassions there maybe some bugs to crash the game or mesh up the mission.

The Bottom Line

The really great action/strategy game approaching perfection. Anyone who likes a very dark theme and a game which requires as much brain as sheer force will surely enjoy this game very much. Absolutely a classic!